announcements from the home office…

Good news is always better news when shared. With that in mind, I wanted to share a memo recently received from big wigs back at the home office. It reads, in part, “we are happy to announce the first of many changes in the works at The Fools Back Pocket. While the first change is largely cosmetic, money has been budgeted and petty cash dispensed to obtain a new domain name for the blog. The new domain, will eventually serve as the main portal to the various writings and other web ventures of the hard working staff of thousands responsible for The Fools Back Pocket. This will eventually requite integration of various concepts that will radically expand both the nature of the offerings as well as scope of interactivity available to any readers desiring further interactions with the lunatic fringe.”

The rest of the memo was corporate BS of rather low quality, all things considered. Hardly deserving of repetition here. Highlights include a store for the order of cheaply made trinkets bearing the soon to be released logo, bumper stickers emblazoned with some clever witticism ripped from the context of a poem as well as a planned site redesign.

I also wanted to take a second and thank all who’ve visited, commented, or otherwise spent their valuable time reading the rantings & musings of an openly Foolish unnamed stranger. I’m constantly amazed by the reactions and discussions generated in the comment threads. Thanks for all the support, and here’s hoping to continue expanding TFBP across the series of tubes. More poetry coming later, for now there’s mischief afoot & I’m gonna go get breakfast. It goes so well with mischief.

4 Responses to “announcements from the home office…”

  1. good mornind my dear…thou art a brand and as such 🙂 you ought to have a logo et al…and as one of your online stalkers uhm fans lol, I have my credit card ready to purchase the tees, the mug (not the shot duh, coffee mug) to hold on to when I am traipsing on here, the book uhm lol etc…

    Thanks for the morning laughter… may I have pancake please? lol lata potater

    • Aloha! Ugh, I guess I am turning into a brand…kinda funny when you think about it. Still working on all the side issues, unfortunately takes time away from writing and such, but sooner or later (probably later if I had to guess…oops!) everything will get done. OK, back to work for now, hope the skies are sunny and the day warm,


  2. OK, and so how many years did you spend in the corporate zoo leaning to speak like the rest of the denizens? I completely recognized the dialect, and worse understood it. And here I thought it had been long enough since I escaped for me to have forgotten.

    • I always find it mildly ironic that the language of those ‘smartest guy in the room types’ is so easy to riff on. Because corporate talk says nothing, there is room for satire, something always to be taken advantage of. In answer to your question, I logged no hours in business school or the corporate world. When all the guys in my high school went to work for corporate America, I instinctively ran the other way. Too many rules and not enough fun. Can’t take that! Hope all is well,


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