so do you.?.?.?

i come here often

closer examination revealed it
was, & is. you’d think that’d
inspire more confidence than it
actually does; buy one, get one
half off without havin’ to ask is
standard for our swap.

funny, your smile. it mighta
been pretty too if you hadn’t
accidentally clacked your
wedding ring on the glass display
lifting your hand to play with
your gorgeous blond hair.
blushin’ & gigglin’ is kinda old-
school. i like that.

damn girl! bet he must love you.
i’m not the guilty type (regardless what
you mighta heard) so i left the store,
waitin’ until i turned my back to smile.
call me after the divorce; i’ll play the one
you cheat on instead of the one you
cheat with. because i love ya darlin’…
if only in passing.


You would be shocked at the number of times that has happened. True, there are reasons for everything most of the time, but its given me a strange conception of love in this age of scoundrels, renegades & fools. Dedicated to __________. (Well her name isn’t important yet, but if that divorce goes through…) She is one of those radiant types; if I hadn’t seen that movie before I’d probably be the one panting.

8 Responses to “so do you.?.?.?”

  1. What I found it happened more often to me when I had my ring on..

    • I almost got married once. Lucky for me the whole thing fell apart, but it is amazing how little those vows mean to people. I’ve been called cynical. I can live with that. The more ya know, eh? Okay, enough sarcasm for one comment, lol. Thanks for the visit,


  2. Wow…makes me wonder! Good for you.

  3. H20 Buddy Says:

    Liked this one – easy to understand, but not simple. Thought the last stanza was quite remarkable for the insight expressed.

    • Glad to hear from you, been too long. This was one of those poems that I could draw directly from experience, and as I was leaving the store everything came all at once. I wrote about 2/3rds of it in the parking lot on a napkin for fear of losing the moment! What with the nature of the store drew some looks, but fuck ’em. Who are they to stand in the way of art? hahahahaha Thanks for the visit and don’t be a stranger.


  4. Oh, yeah. I’ve been in that shop. Must be different when the clerk is a woman and the target customer a man. Were the roles reversed, the ring would be hiding in a pocket, replaced by a telltale tan line, and the customer’s final thought would be one of sympathy for the cheatee, and thoughts of dire consequences for the cheator. In my experience.

    Just sayin.’ 😉

  5. Scent of my heart Says:

    She must be something quite special … maybe you could find one like her without the ring, then you won’t need to get out of the store and turn your back, so you could smile! This was so very pleasant to read!

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