black smoke chronicles (part who knows)…

bsc final poem

come with me

seems too easy bein’ overly sober;
with endings already revealed
before anyone can say anything
about a long fuckin’ time ago or
far far fuckin’ away. i’ve spent
enough time guarding darkness
during peripatetic solitude. self-
seduction never seemed so right.

no matter, can’t sleep here anyway.
all night, every night, i’m movin’ even
while motionless & staring into space.
wet-bagged eyes stay comfortable
behind sunglasses. polished correctly,
attention deflects toward inside jokes.
exhaustion without time to sleep, where
insomnia is news & bloody noses are
transmitted via blowjob.

lucky enough to find a bag of flames
held in reserve for midnight moments.
black smoke rescued & im born all over.
i’m feeling better with that razor edged
determinism dulled by vapid righteous
indignation. maybe it’ll even getcha off.
black smoke hides sobriety induced
visions of storytale endings. mystery
again rules supreme; can’t leach all
the fight out of this kid; not when it’s
still fun to bleed on occasion.


Thinking the fun starts tomorrow. Digga digga digga digga do. That chick giving off the girl next door vibe reminds me of a story I heard from a reprobate bastard waiting in line to buy one of those xmas tree angels from a discount retailer. In July. You don’t even want to know what that crazy fucker said he was going to do with it. For the sake of the angel, I hope it was idle chatter but don’t really believe it, much as I’d like to. It is that kind of world in times of crises. Somebody remind me what well rested feels like. That’s a kindness I’m willing to request. Oops. Shirley, you jest.

8 Responses to “black smoke chronicles (part who knows)…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    lucky enough to find a bag of flames
    held in reserve for midnight moments….

    Where do you get those? I’d like one or two of them too /smiles/

  2. Your unique voice pulls this off, cb…but oh, I’m feeling so old and a bit boring.

    • Well, you caught my attention with that one! First off, thanks as always for the visit.

      Second, & perhaps more importantly, I can say only that I firmly believe we all bring something different to poetry; that’s what makes the whole community such a fascinating melange of styles, presentation, thematic development & methodology. Honestly, you’ve no reason to feel boring or old. Poetry is qualitative regardless of any other factor or context. Taking the step to speak in your own distinctive voice is proof enough that you are not boring. Most will never get the chance to express the mundane as textured & contoured, or even beautifully.

      Hope all is well, & take it easy,


      Thanks for stopping by

  3. The word choices and imagery are excellent! Love the dark, rawness of this piece. Wonderful. ~Marissa

  4. Very intense, full of emotional power.

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