welcome to the circus…

broken alarm

it’s my alarm bell wake-up call watchin’
your coincidental resemblance to
salvation tease heartbeats from cemeteries.
keeps me thinking back on when my heart
beat sped up the same reason.

with no way to share such a miracle,
it’s kept safe, & saved for days like today;
sunny days too cold & windy to think
about anything else.


7 Responses to “welcome to the circus…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    i always find myself rereading your posts, there is so much ambiguity in all of your lines, i just can’t always catch them all!

    • I appreciate you picking up on the ambiguity. It is useful for closely examining a particular image without as much inherent bias (although you can never truly get rid of it…) Also it protects certain secrets in the way the poem is constructed allowing for allegorical truth to stand in for the literal. Just another method of extracting enjoyment from a few words wrung together. Thanks kindly for the compliment, you are too kind. Hope things are going well,


  2. “tease heartbeats from cemeteries.” cheers.

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