dar un toque…

dar un toque

first touch is a long way off.
i cleaned the kitchen & bath-
room & bedroom anyway; i’m
a misguided nutmeg dealer with
problems stemming from a busted
contortionists luck. i’d kept my
fortune cookie suggestions to
myself thanks to early warnings
from an artist creating a scene
on a highway overpass.

heinously brave to risk warning
to the atavistic needle-pushers;
they never listen to anyone but
Pavlov. not my territory to roam.
straining for reference to lyrical
feasibility, dirge to anthem in a
few short bars. pushers push, if
only one more time. it’s hearsay
either way…
like i said, not my realm.

soundtrack winds down on another
days evening. songs slipped into
the crack of a lover find ears
as often as not; nothing hard &
fast there, right? i wouldn’t know
the right answer so i put on hat
& sunglasses before leavin’ my
house. mutual admiration without
agenda or identity.

can’t be too careful with daylight
coming on fast. someone warned the
darkness junkies to ditch evening
for morning like it had any chance
of success. thankfully, outta my hands
without taking a 12 step walk to nowhere.


Inspired partially by a poem I read & partially by current events. Also ‘Intervention’ is on-demand; you know what that means. Damn cable tv.

14 Responses to “dar un toque…”

  1. Minds At Play Says:

    I tend to be direct, but understated – so though I think that I’ve understood what you have written, I’m rarely certain – and this creates a sense of discomfort on some level in my mind. It is as though I am watching the mist rise in the morning and when it has risen, there is still a misty effect – is it residual mist or have I developed cataracts or am I on another planet where the same laws of nature do not apply? By the way, hi!

    • No worries; I realize my style if not the most direct route towards exploration, but I think the discomfort you mention has to do with the multi-level construction of the poems themselves. I obey the same laws of nature (great term btw!) just use them differently (that is how I would put it.) Sometimes a poem has no ‘specific’ meaning and is merely an exploration of a concept using language to overcome other walls between daydreamer and reader. I find the ‘mist rising’ metaphor very complimentary and quite to the point of what I go for in poetry. Anything too straight-forward doesn’t challenge the reader to think about what is being said/written.

      Hope all is well for ya, it’s been too long! Take care,


      • Minds At Play Says:

        Muti-level I understand. Poetry may have an outward appearance, but hold deeper meaning for a specific person – the intended reader.

        With all due respect, I rarely feel as though I have fully understsnd most of your poems. Benjamin Franklin said something to the effect that simple words should be used when writing in order to be readily understood – are you an elitist?

      • Am I an elitist? In a word; no. Do not confuse a wide vocabulary and seemingly chaotic expression for elitism. I work very hard to develop my poetry to read with a certain mysterious quality because the world is a mysterious and confusing place. In trying to explore thought process as well as issues relating to psychology, scientific method, emotion & what drives it, etc. there is simply no way to capture what I am trying to learn without using significant symbolic language.

        While I certainly do not claim to be much more than the equivalent of ‘garage band’ talent, I very much believe there are many ways to explore humanity and why it functions as it does in an artistic format; my method just works to my benefit by allowing me the freedom to explore and write without having to worry about some singular meaning for every word. Language cannot capture thought, but it can transmit it as well as stimulate it. Being physically isolated from a creative community in the flesh, I’ve enjoyed finding a forum to express my own ideas regarding writing in general, poetry in specific.

        Apologies if this comes across more energetically than it is meant; I value your input as I do all who are kind enough to take time to read my work. If you have specific questions I would be glad to discuss. As always, I hope this makes things somewhat more intelligible. Hope all is well & this makes some kinda sense…it’s well past 3 a.m. & I’m beat.

        Take care,


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    a misguided nutmeg dealer with
    problems stemming from a busted
    contortionists luck.

    that was a good one /smiles/

    • Glad you liked it! Sorry for the delay replying, couldn’t get online yesterday. Hope all is well….keep warm! Showed that article to a few friends and all thought it was fantastic. Thanks again!


  3. wonderful sonics and movement … i like the casual ‘talk’ in it … and yes, quite familiar … i read the one you speak of today, and this a buoyant reply …

    hello, i’m noxy.

  4. feel like i’m late to the party. that line about the pushers listening only to Pavlov–genius. But i think i like the last verse best, all of it, and especially that very last bit– the 12-step walk to nowhere. you have a way of putting bitter truths brilliantly.

    incidentally, i did the “nutmeg-peddler” piece at a reading last night, and it was better received than most. i guess people have a thing for knives.


    • You know, I find that interesting. Admittedly, your phrasing is far more professional than mine; I find your off-handed approach to symbolism fascinating. So much so that it got me thinking about the the historiography of the some of the terms you utilize to build your poems (specifically that one, although I’ve noticed it before.) There are so many ways to use that specific image that the entire poem exploded out of that. Glad you weren’t mad at me for copping the phrase but am glad you enjoyed the piece; the feeling is mutual.

      Congrats on the reading; I’ve never had the pleasure of reading any of my poetry aloud. It is a brilliant poem, and I say that not to kiss ass (if you haven’t noticed, I don’t do that) but because of the heft of your poetry. Anyhow, sorry to be so wordy; the topic caught my fancy and I can be a wordy motherfucker when it comes to topics I’m interested in. Hope all is well & keep up the great work. Thanks kindly for the visit,


  5. Minds At Play Says:

    I do believe you have hit the nail upon the head “the world is a mysterious and confusing place”. And you have the perseverance, intellect, ability, vocabulary, wisdom, and insight to use words (and technology – links) in ways that could enable them to understand it better, swirling the ideas/thoughts/emotions around in their heads, maybe come back over and over to see the art involved in your constructions. However, people must be able to understand what you are getting at – comprehension

  6. Minds At Play Says:

    Continued – is key.

    • Very true, and I found your explication enormously helpful. In the end, you are correct that comprehension is the key; I think our contretemps is more semantic in nature than discussing themes, symbolism, & the like. With so much swirling in my head, I’ve such a hard time getting out what I want to say in a way people can understand where I’m going with a given idea/theme. I will work at finding ways to clarify my poetry to see if that makes it more accessible.

      The flip side of the coin is respect for the reader. I fundamentally believe the reader brings as much to the meaning of a particular artistic creation as the artist. In the case of poetry, the only art form I can comfortably communicate in, there is room for many interpretations of what you are reading. References and touchstones may differ, but I hope that they way I use emotion in the context of my poetry makes it possible to read & enjoy the poem without falling back on such ideas as ‘primary’ meaning. In my poetry, there is no primary meaning except looking at the world as a frightened, unknowing homo sapien trying to understand more than I presently do.

      Does this make sense? I heartily enjoy discussing the finer points of artistic expression; I would sell my right arm for a chance to gather a group of artists to discuss these very issues. Thanks very much for your compliments, and back atcha! Give me some time to think, perhaps I can write a poem that addresses these kinds of issues which are so important to becoming a better writer. Always a pleasure to chat,


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