it’s complicated…

hidden tribute

nothing better to do
than sit still & daydream.
a most unfair comparison
for most everyone else,
albeit with rationale beside
the point here.

it occurs to me a sick
joke is still a joke. (somehow
gotta work in a smile anyway.)
none of that dark business for
a while. plenty of benzo sleep &
for a minute i can pretend
to be anything i want. rested, now
ready to mash buttons with a healing

saturday passion engages elsewhere.
gut-check time always gets here
sooner or later. if we passed we’ll
be able to look down & see we
still have a middle. if so, i guess
we’re doin’ okay.

safety for the moment; cheap
trading if all you want is land.
me? i like beads & necklaces made
from seashells & earrings & long
hair too much too give ’em up for
a lottery ticker chance at romance.
(damn good thing; it’s about all
that’s left un-repo’ed.)

repeat whatever mantra you
find acceptable regarding fate
or gods or whatever other shite
excuses currently en vogue. the
rest of us take first look at
what’s next even with little to

confusing prospects for peaceful
transition, eh? complications
of detail magnify. (simplification
shouldn’t be a one way street.) love’s
got nothin’ to do with it. vd is
something to laugh about.

should anyone tell you they
can explain all the soupy
discrepancies & propaganda,
you’ll know it’s a dirty lie. smile
& smoke ’em if ya got ’em;
if the truth sets anyone free
we’ll hear about it in good time.

we’re all calm;
& now is a good time.


The boys from the home office asked me to express TFBP’s support for demonstrators overthrowing dictators everywhere & anywhere. Safety & a better future than past to all courageous citizens of the world demanding decency and human rights that cannot be taken away at will by our betters. You show us all the way. Stay safe from those that would do you harm for asking only for what is already yours to enjoy.

6 Responses to “it’s complicated…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    You’ve mashed those buttons really well and this time …

    Absolutely on your side about “support for demonstrators overthrowing dictators everywhere & anywhere” …

    Very pleasant read!

    • I wanted to write something political without making it about one group or another; that is the problem in the first place. We are all artificially divided when the truth is that no matter where you come from, it is those in power against those they claim to represent. Unfortunate it takes that kind of demonstrations before leadership pays proper attention to the will & consent of the governed, but heartwarming to see the people rise as one and say NO MORE.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem! Hope to get one more up later today. Have a few ideas for more poems today. My muses must have heard my calls for help…lol. Later gater,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        hehe, your muses always come a lot when I need a concentration…

        I’m glad though ..keep writing!

  2. Nice. Left me yearning to sing.

    Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
    With the rain in Shambala
    Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
    With the rain in Shambala

    Ah, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

  3. Quality blog post, I truly anticipate up-dates by you.

  4. ha ha ha hey doubter lol….logic in what one can’t see, (first look at what’s next if little to see) what rationale do you have for that one? lol ha ha ha

    twisted! don’t we all feel the same even if about our own little soupy dealings, thoughts, beliefs lol

    man! lol

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