enjoy the flowers…

queen sized bed

usually i gotta pretend i didn’t
hear a thing. cut loose from
warm hands (as such) there’s
no need for pretense. i’ve got
music playing softly, enough
heat to fill a queen size bed
& featherstone smiles imbibed
at an astonishing rate.

whatever this is, i can’t rec-
commend it enough. flight
achieved at little or no cost.
everyone excels at something;
arguments over temporality
ain’t gonna get us anywhere.
some people won’t accept
anything they can’t see with
their own eyes.

more for me.

during a cigarette break
between retro-gestion, a
matching pair of mostly
closed eyes congratulate
each other on dreamless sleep.
sprawled out & fixated on a
blurry spot just out of my field
of vision, not caring about the
fate of the universe because
i’ve beaten back an entire
evening on the only planet
i’ll ever touch.

how much territory must be
conquered before i can form
my own empire? tell me tomo-
row; not even nightmares &
spinal pain could keep me
from a reservation with my
mattress. assuming i can
get off the floor, i’m
puttin’ today in the win
column before it starts.


Bein’ TWTC is the only reason this one made it out. Thought a lot about recent events both here & around the world. Us extraneous folk are listening to music and readying for closed-eye examination of something a muse said about a ridiculous teleological argument that good luck can be quantified. These pieces don’t fit. Wonder where they are supposed to be…?

Inspired by a partially true story with minor changes for dramatic effect. Great license was taken at every opportunity, so consider it more ‘partial’ than ‘true.’ Dedicated to a painted friend who really likes to pull my leg.

26 Responses to “enjoy the flowers…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    This is one of those posts I need to read more than once, because I’m left with too many questions to find the answers in between your words … Many remarkable lines …

    i’ve got
    music playing softly, enough
    heat to fill a queen size bed
    & featherstone smiles imbibed
    at an astonishing rate.

    and …

    i’ve beaten back an entire
    evening on the only planet
    i’ll ever touch.

    are my favorite … still, I might sit here and wonder for hours about the meaning of it all and apart from beautiful, nothing else comes.

    Reading brains right now would’ve been handy /smiles/

    Take care!


    • As much as I usually wouldn’t give an explanation, to help clear up what is a very confusing usage of symbolism in the poem (also I want to post this for Monday Poetry Potluck!) It’s at base about finding what you want and what the possibilities are, as well as the mistakes along the way. Sometimes after things go bad, polarity shifts. (The best way to summarize; “don’t let the bastards get you down.” Took a while but I remembered.) Like the bumper sticker on the fridge says “I’m not completely useless, I can be used as a bad example.”

      Thanks for the kind words! Always glad to hear from ya, n’ hope all is well as can be;


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I saw you filed it under Potluck, I think it will be very good entry and people will enjoy reading it …

        Thanks for the explanation, I wasn’t expecting one, but since you were kind enough /smiles/, I’ll take it!

        Keep that sense of humor … very refreshing …


  2. Brennan Bogert Says:

    This is one that is going to stick with me for a long time. really well done?

  3. This I like.. some great lines and lots I can relate to 🙂

  4. queen size bed, ….

    your poetry is amazing and your wording makes me smile.


  5. It is amazing without the explanation, but, I’m glad you added what this means to you.

    It’s terrific.

  6. addictive to read… love your flow

  7. Fascinating read a s always, I liked the ‘reservation with my mattress’ phrase.


  8. The cigarettes: my call 🙂 hmmm you know how I enjoy you so uhm no words…

    I posted this and thought you would just have a fit: give me some feedback when you get a chance and happy bust day ha ha ha ha ha ha, the good kind of course lol


    • Called & answered. Awesome. Totally beats off what I had planned for today, which will be to inebriate the senses and write or perhaps just daydream. You know how it goes, I say tomato you say fuck you. hahahahahaha You’re the cat’s pajamas as always. That much intensity is revelatory. Loved it.


  9. A great story.. and I enjoyed it a lot…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  10. I can definitely relate to this one–and I love it when you invent words–retro-gestion–very cool. But over and above the message, this one crosses the line into inspired work with the language here -> “…not caring about the
    fate of the universe because/i’ve beaten back an entire/evening on the only planet/i’ll ever touch….” Fine poem, CF.

    • As always, you’re too kind! It is always a good day to find out something I’ve written struck a chord with a fellow writer. I’m making my rounds shortly and look forward to seeing your latest & greatest. Take care,


  11. Maaaan… you sure can write!!! And your words just draw me into them.. like it were some sorta web, and me, a poor harmless little fly!

    Really! The way you translate your thoughts into words is totally awe-inspiring, CRB!!! I like your interplay of words, your matter-of-factness, your introspection…just darned everything!

    Write on… and don’t let that charming ever leave you devoid of light! 😉

    • Thanks K. Your support is a much appreciated pick-me-up after a day of questions & confusion. Pick ’em up & set ’em down I suppose. At any rate, like I said, much appreciated. I will come visit your site later today after some desperately needed sleep, but until then take care! Hope all is well,


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