pirate flags for everyone…

redecoration day

somebody mentioned something
about this hallmarked holiday. i wasn’t
buyin’ any of it. without changin’
something ’bout today’s waylaid tenor
or acute longing, it’s just business
as usual. i’ve no injury to exacerbate
& my bones are picked clean. cracks
in arctic oscillation spare a taste of
summer peakin’ through winter. the
kid’s okay.

valentina waits on attention from
a hidden lothario n’ i wish her well.
lamentations of the always coming
soon push hard against the touch
of almost anything. underneath
changes in hip position & shivers
of a kissed off transition from sad-
sack story to another onceuponatime,
whateverhappenedto. more i don’t
have an answer (for.)

now a couple of the neighbors are busy
fuckin’ it out. i’m not as amused as
usual. we’re all a bunch of sentimental
romantics here; tiny candles floating
in bowls of fuckin’ water & everything.
dredging up pretense is as easy as
elbow grease & means about as much.
if it really is a holiday, & i still doubt it,
then no explanation is required. either
way, the kid’s okay, if not better.


This whole episode reminds me of the Jesse Winchester song “Freewheeler.” Obviously, he said it about a million times better than I ever could. Well, that’s why you keep trying. Figure I’ll get it right sooner or later. Elegance of consequence continues to lose out to eloquence of contemplation, as it should.

22 Responses to “pirate flags for everyone…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    Exactly, absolutely agree “…it’s just business as usual…” My theory about this day is that is very silly to celebrate romance one day a year, when you should celebrate it when it’s there and when you feel it …

    Anyway, good one here! I liked it! The message most of all!

    • I live to please! Thanks kindly B, or should I say Eleanor? (See, we’re even getting to inside jokes. That has to be progress, right? lol) Hope you are having a good evening, talk to you soon,


  2. Now this is the sort of writing that really floats my boat! This stuff is razor sharp and ‘bang on the money’ as we say in old Blighty.

    lamentations of the always coming
    soon push hard against the touch
    of almost anything – in a nutshell.

    Great write.

    • Wow, I haven’t been a rising tide lifting all boats in a long time! Much appreciate your kind words, and look forward to paying you a return visit to catch up on your latest and greatest. Thanks for taking the time to read @ TFBP. Hope all is well in your corner of the great big world. Some day I really need to get out of the USA and see what the world is really like. Love the slang! Regional speech patterns fascinate me. Thanks again for the visit!


  3. Great writing and sentiments exactly….if you love someone..you do not need hallmark to tell you what day to say it….bkm

  4. i guess i will hold onto that card i was going to send…smiles. yeah this hits it…if you gotta save love up for one day (at $350) then you gots problems…

  5. Minds At Play Says:

    Regardless of your intellect I sense severe deprivation or hurt in you – it is as though you have put on the skin of a human being over a very fragile or stone cold interior…it is my wish for you that love finds you and makes you feel as though you would die without it.

    • Well, to be honest, you aren’t far off. Believe it or not, there was a time before I was scarred into disbelieving of the idea there is someone out there for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in love twice and both times the same thing happened. The wounds in my flesh have healed; other injuries have not.

      Add in the fucked up spine & some other problems that show up from time to time in my writing & even I can see that I’m damaged goods. Guess at some point in the last few months I came to accept that I can be a poet but probably can’t be much else. At first I was very disappointed, but it is what it is… there is no reason to be disappointed.

      For me, it boils down to continuing to write hoping to improve on any number of fronts without knowing why I am so obsessed with the idea of understanding something I’ll probably never understand. But if we all need some goal or just something to shoot for (or at!) then at least I’ve gotten to know mine intimately. Thoughts?


      ps – I’ve felt that way before (thinking you’ll die without the other person) and found out it was partially true. I’ve lost years of my life mourning mistakes and bad luck; there are people I wouldn’t ever admit to missing out loud that took parts of me with them when they disappeared. Thing is, I got a part of them too. Whatever is going to happen will happen. Sadness is fleeting as a cold day; eventually the sun does reappear to warm us all. (See, I’m not nearly as stone cold interior as it first appears. Sometimes I suspect I might be flesh & bone, to borrow a phrase from Jimmy Buffett. lol


      • Minds At Play Says:

        Thank you for your openess – inside there is an optimist afterall! The only comment I would make is that so many people present themselves as being one way and then turn out to be very different – tt is no wonder so many relationships fail.

  6. I’m laughin out loud, CF. What a perfect take on the world’s most artificial holiday. I also have a black-hearted cynicism issue.

    That last stanza was masterly–the candles. Your description of the female in this is loose and comfortably knowing. disillusioned, but the kid’s alright, even if his bones are picked clean, just not as amused as usual. Fine poem, one of the most enjoyable I’ve read tonight.

    I’m lovin the Jesse, too. The man can say so much with so little. He did one back in the day called Isn’t that so?–nobody else really needed to write any songs after that, but I guess people, as you say, have to keep tryin. 😉

    • Glad you are laughing as hard as I. THere is no reason not to laugh at flagellation; it always seems so blase in past tense. I will check on that JW song; admittedly I’m new to his music but agree most certianly that he is one of the kings of the singer-songwriters, easily up there with Townes Van Zandt & Bruce Cockburn, among others.

      Very cool how you picked up exactly where I wanted to go with the last stanza. I’ve been trying to stay away from overly sappy or writing about the current heartbreaks, headaches, and the like so I had to find a way to illustrate that even a cynic such as myself has hope for hte future, if in a twisted sort of way. Thanks very much for your kind words, it really means a lot. Hope your evening is treating you well! Till next time, same Bat Channel! Later gater,


  7. Hedgewitch always says she wishes she could write terse, quick, pointed poems. I always say I wish I could do this. When I shuck the hearts & flowers I go so far as to be “disturbing”. This is not disturbing, it is fine and revealing. I’m still workin’ on that. Gay @beachanny

    • I learned a few months ago that shock value for its own sake wears off quickly and leaves little impact. If you can manipulate the emotional content of a poem in such a way that the reader understands that the real ‘shock’ is implicit in the honesty of the writer. (Sorry, my brain has been working overtime lately and I have been trying to codify it in a way that makes sense. Hopefully that makes sense!)

      Thanks kindly for your compliment. I appreciate your ability to tease out the intent of the poem. Good to hear from you, hope you’ve been doing well. I owe ya a visit today. Take care,


  8. hahahaha… so true, CRB… thru’ your short lines, those self-made words and blunt tome, what you say in your poems ALWAYS leave smiling and wondering at the same time!
    As for “the” day, the ones who feel the need to do something commercially special on this day actually go ahead and do it.. the ones who have a problem with the four letter word (that begins with an L ;)) keep cussing it… and the rest of us, well… it’s just another day…
    Those 4 letter words keep getting expressed on any other day too.. just as well.. 🙂

    Awesome poetry, my friend!!!

    • You’ve got me down K. hahahaha Though when I really wanna cuss, you’ll be able to tell; I’m only trashing on VD because of some problems that hopefully are now ended before I get myself into more trouble some other day (if you catch my drift…) See, I don’t have a problem with love…hahahaha (and I’m never sarcastic either!)

      Anyhow you’re the bees knees as always. Hope you’re enjoying the evening,


  9. Hi CRB

    So evocative and powerful.. your use of word ‘F**K is interesting…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  10. Oh God I laughed so hard! Esp. “the neighbors are busy fuckin’ it out’ –excellent ha! I wrote a Twittertine on Valentines–you’ll have to scroll down my front page a little.

    • Awesome. I will check it out in the morning as I’m working towards normal hours again, but I appreciate the laughter; it’s my favorite response to anything & everything! Take care Heather & thanks for the visit,


  11. V day is everyday baby lol, thought it sounded cool whatever lol, o yea must not have had a date, pity pity when valentina comes I am sure you shall send a card lol ha ha ha ha, see what lack of sleep can do lol

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