seven billion…

seven billion

spirited & futile gesticulation;
actions on the low-odd explanations;
runs heavy with those greedy punters.
would give you a headache (or a nose
bleed) tryin’ to make sense of the
chaotically innervated prices. it’s all
one portugese bond sale. works well
until it doesn’t.

funny to think about how noise pollution
works the same way no matter where
it occurs. (who thinks cassandra just came?)
machine guns all speak the same language,
even if targets do not. (so do fires, mudslides,
floods & hurricanes. in america, so do
bridge & mine collapses, though only from
time-to-time on specific days.) hard to know
where the line really is between starvation &
intense debate ’bout ‘what mighta been.

at least it’s vaguely predictable; the real
mystery lies in whatever comes next. if
we hit eight as rapidly as we hit seven
(don’t worry; we won’t. worry about
the second part.) it’ll be a fuckin’
miracle. there’s not much future livin’
in the past these days but it’s too expensive
to live in the now. that’s why charlie darwin
is a miracle worker; that we’re not evolving
fast enough isn’t his fault.

seven billion not so long ago. what’re
the punters sayin’ ’bout eight?


Inspired by the recent National Geographic as well as the morning jaunt through the news. See, this is why I don’t write politics…. usually.

8 Responses to “seven billion…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    That reminds me of YouTube video I saw recently with very cool music …

  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    and the saying, not space is what we need, but balance …

    • Very true. I wonder long term at times where the world is going. With foresight and planning, I think we could deal with it, but I see none of that in the world around us… well, what can you do? Sadly enough, I’m not sure anything. Still, important to find some kind of peace amidst the chaos. That’s all I got sadly enough,


  3. I especially like the line machine guns all speak the same language even if targets do not.

    Nicely written

  4. belladonna23 Says:

    politics can be an ugly thing…. great words tho.

    • Politicians are ugly people. I think we agree although I don’t really have an agenda. They all seem equally crooked and despising of the masses to me. That aside, I do appreciate the visit & look forward to reading some of your poems. Take care,


  5. Great piece here. Really good build through to the end. Made me go back and read through again. I’ve been reading some dystopian writing lately, and those worlds seem closer and closer the more time goes by.
    Thanks for the chance to continue reflecting.

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