things alice said to me…

love poem #357

depreciating in the corner of a local
bar while watching a welcome sight;
beautiful woman with sparklingly lively
eyes who wouldn’t speak to anyone.
she wouldn’t speak to me either,
but i’d a talent for silent conversation
& if she didn’t talk, she didn’t talk
like a descendant princess waiting on a
train to somewhere else.

finding myself somewhere else lookin’
for a friendly face, silently debating how
far i was s’posed to go to find answers
to the questions i’d been told not to ask.
arriving in a wooden barroom, sittin’
down & watching; seeing this figure
say so much without moving a muscle.
the surrealistic dreamsicle scene all
a demure vision while the crowd
mouthed volumeless words to an
instrumental song.

far from home underneath most of the
planet, i’m ready for games but nothing
serious. my kind of flora & fauna grow
without farmers in this alluvial plain &
even if this princess won’t tell me off
or to get lost, it doesn’t mean my
chances are any better than fifty/fifty.

too broke to buy her a drink, i asked her
questions with my eyes & she answered
with her legs. what i wanted was on the
tip of her tongue until i got close enough
to be overwhelmed. whatever was gonna
happen was still to come as she motioned,
smiled & disappeared from view. just my
luck, she didn’t want any words & i had
nothing to give her in exchange for what
she held onto that i wanted badly enough
to do whatever she wanted done.

nothing new here. sated by the idea even
without putting much faith into it. we ain’t
got time for the academics of it all.


Dedicated with love to a few people with whom I crossed paths on the way to a friendly nod. I owe all y’all, even if nobody is really sure if I’m talking about them…or someone else. Tune in tomorrow to find out. TWTC indeed! Inspired by the girl in line in front of me at the super-market. Ah, the people that drift in & out of our consciousness. It is a trip, if nothing else.

7 Responses to “things alice said to me…”

  1. sumptuous richly layered feast of whatever never and always should be…
    leaves me hungry 🙂

    ps: I know I owe you so email in the post. apologies & explanation incl… very nice new home you have…

    • Hahahaha, this apartment? Great to hear from you, had been wondering how you’d been. Hope all going well for you in your quest to spread poetry everywhere; promise, I’m doing my part! Take car & drop me a line sometime,


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by David Brydon, m…. m… said: things alice said to me…: if Hunger is your thing.. 🙂 […]

  3. I read this before, I am sure of it…and once more, love???? your twisted mind I tell you, luvvvvvvvvvvvv it 🙂

    • It’s a derivation of some older ideas mixed with a different theme. I tend to re-use certain phrasing but in different ways. Plus I only steal from myself, so I’m fairly certain I’ll be okay with it! Glad you liked, we’ll catch up later gater.


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