holy shit i think he means it…

just picture this

it was gonna be a good weekend.
scammed myself out of reality ’til
snapped back by a dominatrix
who laughed every time i paused
to catch my breath. whole thing
wasn’t without its pleasures, though
i couldn’t tell you what they were
right this minute. imbroglio as a
means of communication is not

short walk on a hot day from scammed
to fucked; i made it without breakin’
a sweat. dumb as fuck tryin’ to win a
race to the bottom but i did it anyway.
turns out that the i.q. test was way off.
got us both a laugh when the lights came
on & one of us was stuck at the beginning.
suspicions abound that ain’t gonna hold out
much longer. turn the switch darlin’.

i turned the radio up & mopped sweat
off my brow i wasn’t even supposed to
have. for the first time in 15 years i know
the score is tied at zero but we’ve got an
entire game still to play. it’s gonna be
a magic weekend; feels like it even before
it gets goin’.


Forced to do something I didn’t want to do was not how I envisioned the day when I came too. We all started fresh and clean at 4 p.m. Accusations of belligerence are settled. Nobody has a thing to prove; all parties can live with it as is. You don’t get that often; I wonder what it means? Well, lace up the thigh highs & lets dance. Can’t disappoint an invisible audience. (Hittin’ me below the belt like that is kinda fucked up.) No matter for now; there’s rumor of glory & someone must purge the remaining items from view. If you want it done right…

Dedicated to Bobby. Being compared to you makes me wanna puke but was as educational as it could be under the circumstances. Sometimes it ain’t the who but the why. Sorry kid, it’s my fault.

3 Responses to “holy shit i think he means it…”

    • Most therapeutic poem I’ve ever had the pleasure to write. Thanks for the warm vibes; much needed of late! Hope all’s well Boab, we should talk at some point. I have a ? I think you might have the wisdom to answer.


  1. Poetry as self-care. You do it with such panache. Poem on …

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