sounds like fun…

a rapaciously good natured villain

no answer once again; why not spend
this night disarticulating exchanges &
trying to pinpoint everything wrong
with this picture? hearts have fractured,
healed, broken & healed again. junkies
learn faster than this.

all this time looking across the table at
no one, i’ve been conversing with walls,
ceiling, getting opinion from the floor
(stepped on repeatedly, last i’d heard.)
they all got real fuckin’ problems & told me
to piss off.

a few surviving members in the last box of
condoms say everything anyone needs to
know about sudden changes in my station
& title. your villain never flies a false flag,
preferring negotiation to bloodshed. i’d let
you invade whenever the mood struck but
didn’t reach out until just after too late.

whatever prompted you to call out to
remind the captain of his freshest defeat,
even demure in tone & word, drove him
up the mainmast. scanning the horizon for
your shadow, issuing orders to the crew
“we move into open visual contact at first
light so that the scientists can study this
most curious situation.”

i’ll be here at the fort practicing my just
right smile & graciousness in temporary
defeat. all the same, if i’m stepping
back, it’s only to take a bigger step in
another direction. they don’t call me
‘fool’ because i’m afraid to be wrong in


Ever stop to wonder if being yourself is everything everyone told you it would be? At least the snozzberries taste like snozzberries. (hahaha. Rotten vermicious knids.) Laughter; the 2nd best medicine.

10 Responses to “sounds like fun…”

  1. temporary defeat, thus hope lingers… 🙂
    I am blaming you, still can’t sleep grrrrrrrrrrr

    • See, if you were really blaming me for keeping you up all night, I’d place money I don’t even have that poetry would have nothing to do with it. Lets kick that imagination up ANOTHER NOTCH. (BAM!) So in a few minutes when I check your page I will expect intransigence followed by brilliance. (I know I ask a lot, but I give even more lol) Hope all’s well LBTL.


  2. Brilliant as always, yes I have often wondered whether being yourself is really everything they say it is. Good and bad voices will float in my head in such situations.

    “hearts have fractured,
    healed, broken & healed again. junkies
    learn faster than this.”

    I don’t know why but the above really struck something in me. I guess I feel that way all the time. They say you should learn from your mistakes, somehow I land up making them over and over again. Haha, what to do? The heart is stubborn.

    • Loved your thoughts; I always thought it was because humans are at heart creatures of circadian rhythm. We follow a path without knowing we are following a path at all. Perhaps that idea is what drew me to philosophy? Not sure but it permeates my poetry to the point that I wanted to use it as more of a central theme to explore. At the end of the day you are right, the heart is stubborn but the head can learn to laugh. Best I’ve ever come up with! Something to think about is all. Hope all’s well my friend,


  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    Keep on laughing! Like the walls with problems and floors with opinion …. every rapaciously good natured villain has its end … And you should be the way you are, it’s cool!

    • I can’t help but smile whenever someone calls me ‘cool.’ I’m not cool, trust me, I’m a total dork. I just dig on poetic metaphor. And hey! How do you know the rapaciously good natured villain isn’t me? hahahahaha I’m good natured. Thanks B, you always lift my spirits. Hope you are well,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        Trust no one! So about the cool part let me decide alone 🙂 And I know that the villain is not you, because you look more like the captain from where I see you 🙂

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  5. Do junkies learn faster? LOL … Well done …

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