questions of a pressing nature…

dinner & ink

miraculous the trouble one
tongue can create. if she knew
what i knew, i think she’d be
laughing behind my back &
in front of my back & maybe
even to the side of my back.

that’s if my chances are better
than ‘piss-poor.’ sum of knowledge
gained from past lives & former lovers.

distinction made between a kindred
spirit & a friend is close enough
to require teasing out in a conversation
we’re still waitin’ to be had. by the time
i found out it wasn’t a game, we’d
already played the first two rounds.
first was a draw; the second a loss
for the home team.

so what? i ain’t the first or last to
wonder ’bout part three; like if they’ll
be a part three. i got lousy odds, but
that’s why we play the game.


I know I’m screamin’ out an empty window on this one; don’t care. I’m in way too good a mood. Good dinner, LOST marathon, a whole bunch of other shit that ain’t fit to print… You know, when you’re unemployed, every night is Saturday night. What? It’s Saturday night? No shit? Huh. Who knew?

10 Responses to “questions of a pressing nature…”

  1. why is it always threes
    strikes before your out
    rounding third to score, holy trinities
    me myself i don’t know
    but i really could relate
    having played and lost without an inklining of knowledge
    so I enjoyed this….. I did not want to sound
    patronizing so rated it lower than it should have been. πŸ™‚ pa

    • No worries, I’m always glad to get feedback, though I honestly didn’t know you could rate poems. Either way, the law of 3 is more a guideline I think than a rule. Makes it a lot easier. Thanks for the visit; I can’t help but feel like I should recognize the initials but at this point, I wouldn’t recognize myself in the fuckin’ mirror. It has indeed been a fine evening. Take care PA.


  2. The way you scream out an empty window is GREAT! Sometimes you just gotta let ‘er rip, and the writing flows out like this.

    I am very much into 3s! A law? A rule? just seems to go together great.

  3. Questions of a pressing nature…or a passing nature. Your voice stand out from the crowd.

  4. The “law” or “rule” of three. Don’t know who made that up, but seems active in my life always.

    This is great. You should shout out the window more – not that your other poems aren’t good – just that this one is and has a different quality somehow.

    Glad you had a great time … I’m sure we’ll find out about round three in a poem to come.

    • I realized why this poem is different from the last few months of poetry I’ve been writing. This is one of the few with a positive basis rooted in the theme. I shall have to try and do that more often! It was quite the experience, totally reminded me why desire can be a good thing even if unfulfilled. And yes, should I be granted a third meeting by the poems inspiration, I’m sure it will end up as a poem. (What else do I do anyway? hahahahaha)

      Hope all is well,


  5. Patricia Donohue Says:

    Yeah P.A. is Patricia from Facebook.. big mouth little brain and shoes to fit in both… left right right trip… right on… left out… okay.. I never did get your name Caribbean Fool because I do remember that you and I can never remember peoples names… so ‘sweety’ have a nice day.. I can be foolish but never fooled… of course I have fooled around on occasions such as this.. and went to tres Amigos today for burritos.. yeah they were outstandingly good. and there is the 3 reference yet again… πŸ™‚ laters pa

  6. Minds At Play Says:

    Somehow a sense of being content and happy comes across in this one – nice to see!

  7. I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.

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