cry now & get it out of the way…

don’t cry

it could be
72 hours ’till
an AAR nobody
will see. every
one is say
ing what was said
jumbled around &
walked into walls.
those are the
lucky ones.

sound without pictures;
a nice fat man on
BBC said all’s well
& nobody asked
why refugee camps
only get built when
everyone is doing
so well.

this isn’t slow
fanaticism at the
spur of the moment
& if you really
wanna know;
there’s nothing
to know, do,
or think. you
can watch on tv.
bullets won’t be
stopped by hands
thousands of miles
away when there’s
so much flesh to
bleed out here.

i hated truncheons
’til i learned about
Kalashnikov dynastics.
marshland uprisings
ending in slaughter &
refugee crises
ending in slaughter &
desperate poverty
ending in slaughter &
endless incursions
ending in slaughter.

i will comfort you
when you need to cry.
i will comfort you
with everything i have
down to hands,
heart & blood.

hopelessness can
make a vicious brew
mixed with a lil’ hunger.
of course, these days
you can buy trigger
fingers at 33 cents
on the dollar.

we’ll learn to eat
trigger finger stew.
it might mean more
than the blood sausage
we’re all about to be

i will comfort you
when you need to cry.
i will remind you
to save the tears;
there’s little clean
water & you’re
gonna be thirsty

i will comfort you
when you need to cry.
i will comfort you
with everything i have.


Lunacy to think that Malthus wasn’t wrong, just early, right? Well, right now all you theists could start backing up what you say about love thy neighbor. So I’m sure there is a good reason innocent people need to get gunned down for another week of meetings and vague pronouncements of no meaning. I’m sure that comforts the wounded & the families of the dead. This is a sick display of humanity. Just sick, without excuse.

15 Responses to “cry now & get it out of the way…”

  1. Heartfelt crb!
    I am touched how well you have handled the issue- raw n to the point!
    I guess we all worry about ourselves n never wish to step out of our comfort zone to see what’s up with others! How are we different than animals. Don’t even answer- I know it.

    I hope things change with people like you talking about it..
    Hope n hugs xox

    • Aloha O! Good to hear from you & your kindness is most appreciated. Totally agree with you wanting to find (and stay in) that comfort zone. When troubles come, without strong communities willing to work together to prevent bloodshed, the entire world knows what will happen. Why nobody is stopping it is a question I have yet to find a satisfactory answer for. It is very visceral. I hope alongside you for some good to come out of all this. It might take a long time, but here’s hoping. Be well my friend.


      • Yeah crb,
        Kinda agree with you- there’s hope. If people like you n me can (n many more) talks about it, the results are bound to show..

        Love xx

  2. from one exiled from an old war zone..
    the answer you seek is the one we cannot live with and yet cannot live without. When power loses influence to impotence bloodshed spawned of repression is an ideological necessity: it is the ideological adjunct to criminalising dissent. the body politic is always very visceral hence winning minds and hearts is innate to its strategy. civil disobedience to dissidence to activist to traitor.. the crimilisation is essential in the name of the common good: that it means incremental criminalised repressive tactics to protect the status quo… thank Constantine. he invented the framework for modern precepts of political ideology and the means of its protection.

    • Fucking hell. Between him & Foucault none of this should surprise any of us. You are unfortunately dead on but then, we still have punctuated equilibrium on our side. Just because none call it chaos doesn’t mean it ain’t the same chaos which brings sunshine & sea breeze as well as cordite & sulfur. It’s be a crying shame if we didn’t need the damn water so badly. I hate writing political poems but even if it doesn’t matter & changes nothing, I will have my say.

      Thanks for the clarity of explanation. I’d been looking for a good way to explain it to friends & family still unwilling to believe we stand at the precipice of a major inflection point for all of humanity. It ain’t over…. its barely started yet. That scares the shit out of me.

      Stay safe & keep thinking. It’s about all we got left.


  3. None of it is new.. what is is the instananeity of exposure to it in the raw… gone are the days of muted, neatly packaged bias reportage. the real revolution lies under our fingertips.
    Political autocracy finds itself to be the rubicon and the stampede across it, like all agents of change will wreck havoc for as long as the voiceless believe they have some access to power, however conditional. The real test lies within the dynamics of perception and response to the behavioural playing field upon which the standoff of the masses versus instruments of power choose the real battleground. The real danger is in how democracy is played as both a weapon and a reward. The stakes are usually fatal to those who can least afford it.
    Once the revolt dies down and the body count reduced to historical statistical averages and the complicity to installing the next round of power rogues done and dusted, what really counts are the lessons to be had and if we have actually been taught anything of value to make that change worth it. The chaos of blue salted breezes tinged with cordite and sulphur rarely changes..just the players and the rules of the game are the natural flux by which we politically damn ourselves age after age…

  4. Scent of my heart Says:

    That’s brilliant. Not the facts used for the poem, but the way you handle the facts. And I like very much the part where you say
    i will comfort you
    when you need to cry.
    there is a hope for a comfort after all the events around the world. I just hope there are comforting words for the ones that died, somewhere on the other side of life, where they might find peace and better life without violence!

  5. you outdid yourself on this one. it gives me chills. no other words.

  6. I do like your style, and the repetition of comforting comes across strongly.
    The world’s never been a perfect place and I guess it never will be.

  7. nice one duder and i really think you have a great vocab ! here’s my potluck..

  8. this is brilliant,

    you are reliable and accountable in many senses.


  9. dunstancarter Says:

    Hugely powerful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  10. True to the last letter, CRB! What more can I say… we are the culprits… and then we pretend to be the saviors too.. (sigh).. what a hypocritical world we live in.. no?

    “of course, these days
    you can buy trigger
    fingers at 33 cents
    on the dollar.” — Things cannot get any more real than THAT!! A great line, in my opinion!!
    And a terrific poem too! INTENSE to the core!

  11. The intensity and feeling in this poem runs deep. Deep issues put into the beauty of poetic words. Brilliantly done.

  12. keep up the excellence..
    love your warm heart.

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