restricted number…

restricted number

i’m the man
who discovered
a chance
for lottery escapism.

i smile thinking
(to myself) you
wouldn’t have asked
about meaningless
lives back then if
you weren’t inter-
rested in meaningfull
of answers regarding
future winning numbers
in the pick six.

of course it came
restricted. lucky
me, bein’ given a
code for just such
a moment. she
asked if i drove
fast & i
a while
to answer.

finally breathing
out smokestream
coincidence, i
wondered if it’d
be the same
if walls could talk
& paths crossed.

you could try me.
i’m the man
who discovered
a chance for
lottery escapism
without any need
for luck.


Madamoiselle, voulez-vous danser? (And yes, it’s a damned song title. Have a fucking penny Mr. B.) And you…don’t ruin the moment! I ain’t sentimental but a few chances every now and again refresh even the strangest souls.

12 Responses to “restricted number…”

  1. keep the penny, the dimes are on me!.. keep dancing.

    • I knew it! You’re Jimmy Buffett!!! Can you get me Bruce Cockburn’s autograph? hahaha

      Hope all is well Boab. Where have you been keeping yourself? The search for some way to get published continues apace. Dimes on you? Well that gives me an idea. You’re the bees knees my friend. Hope all is well,


  2. isn’t it more a case of a cockburn’s buffet? ooh ouch! or would that be a case of aaah!’s?? sshh.. no kiss no tell.. i could oh soo take this to far seedier depths.. but.. that would really be telling! Jimmy ‘n Bruce.. could have the makings of a new old club’s boy’s band tho I do wonder if they would really look that good in leatherette and Beber hair… do you think Ms Gaga would share her wardrobe?

    share the idea sweetknees, my dime’s worth some. hehe..

    moi? have been keeping myself adrift potential havoc and possible immortality; the sea we all which to sail no? still kicking and breathing which i guess must be the point…

    a little patience, I’ll publish you yet.


  3. hmmmmm you’re too good, lol
    Quite an enjoyable read!

    • I try. With the right inspiration anything is possible you know. (Grin, laugh, rinse, repeat.) Course, I think everyone knows it ain’t always a straight line but what’s the point of life lived without some fun?


  4. Scent of my heart Says:

    You did it again, made me wish I was inside your head and have a look at that part of your brain that created this … It reads really nice, many words that I like, actually all the words, but I need to read it again … to see if I figure out few things

    • Blaga, you are way to nice to me. Inside my head is a crazy place. I should know, I’ve been there a few times! Built on an image of restriction allows for so much exposition on what it means, what’s restricted, & who is restricted to what. I’m pretty happy to write something non political as I needed to recall life is more than televised revolutions and starvation politics. Thanks as always for the visit,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I maybe a person who likes crazy … /smiles/ you never know …

        either way it was a good read, very good one!

  5. belladonna23 Says:

    she asked me if i drove fast and i waited awhile to answer…
    got love those lines. i wonder, how do you feel about being restricted? that man smiles at its bitter sweetness, but are you that man? we all tend to write from our own souls but can we inhabit the minds of others…

    • Am I that man? Honestly, I don’t know. We all face choices as well as limitations beyond our control; how we handle them is about all that can be realistically controlled. Personally, I’ll smile because to do anything else strikes me as lunacy, but as always there are deeper reasons for such a choice.

      How do I feel about being restricted…. a bit more complicated than that because of convergent factors, but overall when you realize that true freedom requires total independence (and a lack of emotional connection) it becomes clear that not all restrictions are negative. Don’t get me wrong, I have the same respect for authority figures as I do for used toilet paper; you just have to pick winnable battles in life. Does that make sense? Its a confusing topic but one that deserves consideration.

      Thanks for the kind words, hope all is well,


  6. belladonna23 Says:

    i think that makes perfect sense. restrictions whether good are bad tend to be more rubbery when I think about the certain decisions i’ve made, and i’m sure that many people would say the same. I follow some restrictions simply because I want to, and sometimes I don’t care for the same reason. I know that makes me a slightly impulsive person, but i’m quite content with that. i’ve always had the mentality that when one makes a decision that they really wanted to do in the moment, it was the right decision to make. it’s the art of living life with no regrets.

  7. Minds At Play Says:

    Interesting thing about small copper coins – we call them pennies. In ancient times there was the small aes – it had a value higher than the copper it was made of – sort of like human beings. Amazing what human beings may accomplish when they put their hearts, souls, and minds into what they are doing!

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