coming soon…


she’s cooking with sugar
& heat. imaginary pictures
of late night voices lick
around the tip of a telephone line.
connection & invitation to her
24 hour daydream that’s
never gonna dry.

both our tongues wag in
anticipation of caress.
determined hardening,
beaded sweat dripping down
into the shrinking spaces between
two hips pressed tight.

skin slick with transported moisture
meets muscle infused tongues
exploring, searching, penetrating.
gliding on spit over
shoulders meeting a neck,
backs of teeth,
s-curve hips that torque
against every slight
pressure-push. all i can feel
is want.

laying side by side in
quiet moments afterward,
we discovered both of us
were descended from
similar easy-dreaming
transcendentalists. guess
it’s as good an explanation
as any other why
temptation is second nature
& sometimes first.

it all shows up as
impossibly effortless imagination
of the first lick-traced lines
laid ‘cross caramel skin.
before slipping in,
before moans & gasps leak
through lips, before bodies ache
for satisfaction, each examines
the other in leftover light.


For someone. You were saying?

7 Responses to “coming soon…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    One can be only speechless here …

  2. wap chache kont!!!!

    you are on fire Mister CRB

    hope you can tame a tigress, good luck to you!

  3. wow. what a yummy read! this sizzles in my skin and drizzles in my head lke nakedness in rain! im in awe! beautiful!!!!

    ps… thank you so much for the nomination on jingle. that means so much to me to know that YOU like what i write. because YOU are a master! much love man really! thanks!

  4. ps… read my latest poem… its dedicated to you just after reading this and my comment to you inspired me. 🙂

  5. I’m reading catch up tonight and I decided, I lurk far too often at your blog without telling you I’ve been here. Intelligent erotica, and an intruiging read. Enticing dedication CRB.

  6. Very nice. Some great lines and good use of enjambment. I enjoyed it! ~Marissa

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