drama on the small stage…

empty pockets

never bothered me to wander broke.
i can pick up whatever i need
along footpaths & trails, standin’
just off the side of the road with
a pack of camels for company &

never a specific destination in
mind; i own my time n’ not much
else. having plenty of time to ride on
winds & tides pushing clouds of purple
flavored smoke is a stand-alone
victory, end of story.

not quite ownership society style
down here amongst the scumbags &
wannabe’s. i was falsely accused
of starting a juvenile crime-spree,
knocking over trash cans & defacing
construction sites. the first time i
got the charges dropped, the second
time i didn’t. cost me money i didn’t
have, & time that i did.

lemme refill the purple
flavored smoke; there’s enough
left to go around again
& we ain’t out of wind just yet.

staring up at what had been a
tranquil daydream, i know what
all the beautifully-minded people
haven’t yet figured out. ain’t much
reward in declining to ask questions
of relative import. i can only spread
myself so thin; anything else would
be counter-productive. if it’s about
answers, there is an obvious


It has been quite a while since that kind of attention. Feel like even if it’s a joke, at least it’s pretty fucking funny. (This would be why I don’t make promises, at least not specific or detailed promises.)

Remember, if you dislike doing the dishes, break a few of them by dropping them on the floor and I can virtually guarantee nobody will ask you to wash the dishes again. That argument should probably not be extended to child care as kids will not break just because you drop them on the kitchen floor a couple of times. Bottom line; use a dishwasher. It’s just easier that way. Or don’t. Six of one, half dozen of the other. And with that, the subject is satisfactorily closed. Don’t know about any of you, but I’m feeling better already.

23 Responses to “drama on the small stage…”

  1. No children were harmed and/or dropped in the creating of this post. lol Legalities… *sigh* requires deep pockets rather than said empty ones. Nice write.

    • Funny how lately everything seems to “requires deep pockets rather than said empty ones.” (Shit, I know gas & food do…gah!) I’ve always had some strange intrinsic distaste to the pursuit of wealth, which wouldn’t be a problem save the one you identified. Ah, we live in such a clusterfuck kind of world in some ways. Well, that’s what I’m told anyway. Good to hear from you man.

      Oh, and funny story… you’re correct that no children were ‘harmed’ in the creation of this poem. A child *was* dropped but it happened approx 24 years ago in the little town of Irvine, CA. It’s a strange story, but as I said, no child was harmed. Car seats rule. That’s all I’m gonna say…hahaha (I wasn’t in the car seat, but I might have played a minor role in the whole affair. Remember, nobody was hurt 24 years ago. That’s the important part!)

      Hope all is well and I look forward to repaying your visit. Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated.


  2. belladonna23 Says:

    I love those kinda of walks. Down to every detail, the thoughts, and the smokes. I feel the same way about all this- down to the juvenile charges bullshit. and all those pretty-minded morons who need a good ass kicking and to learn about what life really means. Damn, i love your poems

    • That’s way kind of you Bella. Glad you dug the poem & were able to make sense out of the mass of imagery & connective tissue. They are great walks to think about all the various threads that bring us to where we are today as well as we’re going to be tomorrow.

      Made me smile with that last comment to which I can only say thanks and hope to continue writing poetry you can get into. Not sure if you saw it, but a while back I instituted a new policy at TFBP that I will take any theme suggested by any reader and see what I can come up with. If you ever have any subject you would like me to cover, by all means let me know. I love a good challenge! Til next we meet, take care,


  3. question everything…intriguing write…

    • Agree wholeheartedly. Plays into trust issues perhaps. Might also be read as an attempt to make sense out of hearsay evidence in a third party narrative. Strange circumstances of new ideas & old games. Thanks for dropping by, I shall have to return the favor shortly. Take it easy,


  4. I am intrigued by this:

    “ain’t much
    reward in declining to ask questions
    of relative import. i can only spread
    myself so thin; anything else would
    be counter-productive. if it’s about
    answers, there is an obvious

    but you see if questions are asked from several parties, you will have to spread yourself and respond to possibly the same things, and for a man who converses with camels (geez louise), might not be a positive way to spend time or hmmm…here I go thinking too much again, but then I do enjoy that as well lol This is being viewed from the outside….unless you are the one to ask, but you are asking camels???? lol

    What are the questions? shoot, hell from 2006 to present I can guess but I do sense you have come up with answers you are quite happy with. Are you opened, really opened as in free your mind of these answers and pre-emptive questions to hear, feel, learn new answers…

    it is ok to ask, but can you also accept the existence of an alternate reality as truth, no proof needed…

    yeah Brida is still on my mind, should I keep badgering you about reading PC? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    (my mind’s in 15million directions, oops my bad, sorry hope these make sense)

    lata gata, smooch-ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. and yeah you are the sheezy, drama tends to follow…no humility required ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • None required, which is good for a genuine SOB such as myself. Better to call it a day and live with whatever happens. I’m at my best at that point anyway. lol


  6. Pete Marshall Says:

    really liked this one..tweeted out as a recommended read…excellent poem

  7. I like the way this one rambles through a variety of attitudes and events, ending up projecting a rather puckish sense of uninvolvement and acceptance. And the purple smoke is an interesting element, I’ve often felt that if I were smoke, I’d be purple–or at least green. And I’m with you on the being broke; annoying but also freeing cuz, as the Master said, “When you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose/You’re invisible now/got no secrets to confuse..”

    • Bob is ALWAYS loved in this house & offering quotes from any song gets you extra points in my book. Glad you enjoyed the poem; my style lends itself to a rambling sort of tempo (so I believe at any rate!) and if I can find subject matter than doesn’t rely on on a more formal tone (or where informality can lend credence to the emotional direction of the poem) I feel like I can make the poem more of a search & less of a statement. Long way of saying thanks much for the compliment & take care. Until next time, same Bat time, same Bat channel,


  8. The way this poem evolved, crb, it had the same laid-back attitude as the person tucked inside it. It brought back a vivid memory of a guy I knew in high school – I can still seem him sauntering off to do his own thing, caring not a whit about schedules or timetables or anyone else’s agendas -his own was enough. Now I wonder what became of Sonny…

    • For a brief (and I’m talking like nanoseconds here) I had that nightmarish feeling that this comment would turn out to be from someone I actually went to high school with. (Let’s just say I was/am the weird kid and leave it at that hahahaha) Luckily there are only 2 people from HS that I’m still in touch with, so like I said, nanoseconds. Anyhow, that fascinating anecdote aside, much appreciate the compliment. Having long ago given up schedules & timetables, it will at times sneak into my poetry in construction if not the language. Hope your weekend was enjoyable & you’re doing well. Take it easy,


  9. I like the way your mind works, CRB… and i LOVE the way it translates those thoughts into words!

    This line – “a pack of camels for company &
    conversation.” — just STUNG me!! It was friggin’ awesome!! (and I DO NOT approve of smoking :)) But I get it… smoking is to some what chocolate is to me! (sigh)

    And yes, I agree with you about the “Forgiveness, rather than Permission” bit… with some people, this is the only thing that works!! 🙂

    A superb one shot, my friend! It really was a bullet that is now stuck in my head!

    • Agreed. Smoking is bad (smirk smirk) but you know how it goes, body, temple, something else, etc. etc. Thanks for the enthusiastic comment! Seems like I owe you a visit to check out your recent poetry; unfortunately it will have to be tomorrow as exhaustion has captured what’s left of my brain & I’m rapidly approaching the point where both neurons stop firing and all I’m good for is random and meaningless commentary about how tired I am despite the fact that you’ve given me a good grin to end the day on. (See! Told ya! hahahaha) Very glad you enjoyed the poem & hopefully I’ll have a few new ones up tomorrow to make up for my delay in posting (and answering all of these way too kind comments…but you knew that hahaha) Thanks again, take it easy,


  10. I think I’ve said it before, but let me say here again that one of the things I like best about your pieces is the voice/tone that you write with. I’ve never met you, but I feel like, simply from the tone of your poems, that you’d be a great guy to know– laid-back, congenial, philosophical in a kind of fuck-the-ivory-tower sort of way. It flows strong & comforting in this piece, the tone, like a good Southern twang to a Mississippian who’s sojourned too long north of the Mason-Dixon.

    And that first verse, especially, just rocks.


    • I’m a little piece of everywhere (well, domestically. I’m not well traveled outside what used to be the USA.) I’ve no idea if the few that know me well would agree with your description, but it is certainly how I see myself! As to the M/D line, well I’m actually stuck ON it for the time being but I’ve lived on both sides and prefer the South any day of the week. I will get there some day. Just not sure how. Suburban DC is, in my humble opinion, as close to hell as I desire to get. Shit happens though, and I’m sure the next time it happens I’ll move on somewhere else that is a little more interesting with a few less of the suburban wannabe crowd. OK, rant over, apologies for that.

      I consider you a fantastic poet and as such will take the compliment like a pig valve to an aorta. (Well, better than that, but you get the drift.) Take it easy & don’t be a stranger. Until the time after this one,


  11. My said there were only two states of freedom – the incredibly wealthy and the ones who don’t have a cent. He often wished to be a “bum”. He prized freedom above most things, and detested nearly every kind of government.
    Enjoyed this.

    • Agree on all fronts! Sounds like a wise man. I’ve never experienced wealth, but honestly, I’ve no desire to (and so far, it hasn’t really been a ‘problem’ hahahah) Certainly makes life a lot easier in that instead of worrying about whether or not something is affordable, you know immediately it isn’t, saving you valuable time that can be spent on whatever you feel like doing (there is way more free shit to do than one might think! Even today….lol) Anyhow, loved the comment, and glad you dug the poem. Thanks,


  12. The computer ate the word Husband – second word, first line..sorry.

  13. Great use of voice – stunning, actually. Great work, overall.

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