fawktard… (part 2)

what can you do?

i went to monticello,
hearing somebody
say i should speak to
jeff. he’s long dead,
or maybe i was just late to
the party. took the tour
anyway so i could stare
at his dumbwaiter &
think back to the time
we weren’t quite as
fucked as we are now.

i wonder how much
longer until one of those
Historic Moments In
Human History comes
along & sweeps
everything away.

denninger has
the math down to a
science; with jeff dead,
bruce stealing mr. joad &
a lack of jacksons
(wait a while, my guess is
there’ll be plenty.)
who knows what comes
after the bankster

no worries though;
we’re all fine.
just repeat after me.
heavy sour is the same
as light sweet,
politicians care about
the citizenry,
Jefferson County Alabama
loves JP Morgan,
& all’s going according
to plan & under

let’s stare into a mirror,
think back to a time
we weren’t quite so…



Dedicated to Phil Ochs. Was it ‘Ringing of the Revolution’ or ‘Rehearsals for Retirement’? All I know is ‘I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore.’ When the wave hits here, what then? Obvious answers are always the bloodiest.

5 Responses to “fawktard… (part 2)”

  1. there better not be any waves hitting you … i think …or any other places!
    I wonder what made you think of Phil Ochs?

    • I’ve been a big Phil Ochs fan for a long time. Phil shares some of the sadder characteristics of Hart Crane minus the gay sex. Throw in his longstanding feud with Dylan as well as the fact he’s been mostly forgotten about in the interim since his suicide & there you go.

      There are a ton of other reasons, but mainly… just a ‘more than I can handle’ poem I suppose. You know, as they say, shit happens. Maybe it will unhappen? lol, at least I can find a laugh in there somewhere. Hope you’re well, and thanks for the visit! Always appreciated,


  2. Despite what this was filed under, I find very little that’s funny about it–and the predictions it makes. Scary, more like. But you know, I bet some people thought along the same lines even back in jeff’s day (his domestic “help” maybe?). “Fucked” is relative, I suppose…

    • Agreed, it it was meant very sarcastically. Fucked is always relative, and while I prob shouldn’t have posted this, I’ve been trying to create something that doesn’t scream out how I feel & failure is the same distance from the beginning as success. Not my best, but wasn’t in a real good mood when I wrote this & I guess it shows. Thanks for reading it anyway, much appreciated. Hope all is well for you,


      ps – If I can’t laugh at me, who will?


  3. Read both parts, and am laughing at the truth of it all. Yep, the older we get the more fucked we are so it seems, well, untill we actually end up six feet under, and people will say, ah she / he had a hard life, but they always laughed at themselves.

    Failure comes hand in havd with what we do. Life, we’re never good enough, contrite enough, consice enough, who cares…write what you want and feel the way it makes you feel. There’s truth in the pen for us all.

    Nice write CRB, been lurking a lot on your blog recently (lurk is such a shitty word, but lurk I have nonetheless) wanted you to know that one of your many visitors is me.

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