one paper dragon…

kelly talks paper dragons

green flakes grace her dandelion
invitations & kelly is talkin’ paper
dragons for both of us. purple tails
extend out from apatosaur bodies
with fire streaming from wide spread
jaws. in between all of it is a mink-
pelt spread over a concrete floor.
her conversational warmth speaks
to fervent desire for words, motions,
actions, etc.

minutes pass, tone strengthens into
trust & we talk back of the envelope
calculations. dusky eastern sunlight
is caught in the moment of a smoked
mirror sleight of hand. still no easy
answer; she speaks in disappearing ink
while i miss most of her words looking
for a pen.

smoke extracted from dragons breath
moves through a glass tube for delivery
into a speedball-galactic kind of scene.
details blur & gravitationally bound light
disrupts all of the conventional wisdom.
amidst degraded perception in the dark,
kelly doesn’t know i only wanted to see
the paper dragon; other questions follow
illogical paths to fulfillment of curiosity.

kelly pushes past my questions en route
to closed door territory. i’ve cut myself
too many times on occams fucking blade
to accept anything but re-stitched skin
holding back blood, guts & obvious
answers. somewhere past faith i’d give up
whatever she wanted to tell her
straight up i was lodged in my pocket
& beauty like that wasn’t looking for me.
“you had your reasons but i’ve seen
too many mirrors to accept it prima facie.”

kelly still talks paper dragons while
i have laughter to give away. until she
clues me in, my offer stands. chasing
down a dragon requires backup. gotta
remind her this kid has no excuse for
putting on his most insouciant eyes,
kicking open the door & maybe
gettin’ kelly to talk ’bout some-
thing else. kelly is talkin’ paper
dragons & i wanna know why.


Buena suerte you dragon chasers. We will find what we are looking for, regardless of the grist required for the mill. Still, everyone has questions. Not everyone has answers. Dedicated to a friend who asked for a poem. Voila! & sorry I’ve been losing it lately.

One Response to “one paper dragon…”

  1. Kelly chasing…food for thought as usual.

    I nominated your blog for an award.

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