temerity in absentia…

temerity in absentia

deep into a sleepless night.
too hot in here.
immediate brow-sweat
response, halfhearted
impression of melting
ice. breathe in, breathe out.
hide from imitation wanna-
be turkey bacon; with
nothing better to do,
that’s all i’ve got.

all the while a
true-believer whispers
high pressure steam.
speaking through cracked
odometers & stalled watches,
dangerously magisterial
tones stroke rambunctious
laughter. dirty jokes
end the day over protest
of the true-believer.

nothing more dangerous
than a true-believer
in heat. say anything,
even as temperatures
rise up until eyes
run red. after the last
tired muscle spasm, the
voice gives up. a battle
in the wider war;
true-believers always

morning sun works through
the window & kicks a
hole in closed eyes.
waking to vague memories
of something someone said
in a well lit dream. too
hot to think; continue
in the same direction
as before. takes almost
no effort to sit here & bake,
easy to think about
teachers & dancers & to
wonder where they


I’m told admitting you have a problem is the first step in getting cured. Here I must strenuously disagree. I’ve got almost zero problems & nothing to admit. Still, I do wonder, even after a shocking accusation that pisses me off even though it was six months past already. Probably a poem in there to write tomorrow, or perhaps later today. Well, matches & lighters aside, it’s all true. There are a million ways to skin a cat.

6 Responses to “temerity in absentia…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    I always thought that those true believers are what make te world work. However, does the world work well? efficiently? Safe and equal to all? No. Not really, not all the time at least. Sure, we’ve made some pretty damn good improvments. but there’s always more to do.

    • There is nothing that frightens me more than a true believer. The TB is capable of ignoring any evidence which doesn’t fit their preconceived notions/beliefs/ideas. There is no arguing or even discussing anything with a TB because all they are capable of seeing is what they want to see. They also act accordingly, which is the part that scares me. Nothing in the world is as capable of horrendous evil than those who believe their actions are blessed by a higher authority.

      As to if the world works, that depends on the context. For a large number of individuals, the world works only to grind them down into the grist for the mill of humanity. There will always be tension between different groups of people, and one groups progress is another groups regress. Still, at the end of the day, when considered from a wider social construct of the group as a whole rather than any individual, humanity has, as you said, made many improvements and changes to the world. Of course, we do not yet know what the ultimate outcome of our changes will be; until then the best we can do is keep trying. (Maybe not shooting at each other all the time would also help…. who knows; it’s never been tried! lol)

      Thanks for the thoughts, always good to hear from you. Hope you are well & beware the true believers!


  2. “temerity in absentia”—-I dig the title…brings yearning to light again here hmmmm maybe cause I read the other poem and all

    but not all the time…the optimist in me shan’t accept this as factual grrrr

    titled twice…interesting yet I can’t find the correlation with the piece, until ha ha the TB persists on blind faith thus making a fool of herself…ouch!!! but then I wonder…hmmmm…


    Interesting bit, I see a bit of me as a TB…but hey we are all fools of something from someone or things at one point in time aren’t we!!! Others may fully be laughing at us, enjoying our foolhardiness but hey!!! C’est la vie, yon jou pou chase, yon jou pou jibye ha ha ha ha ha

    Happy Sunday Mister Fool lol

  3. “morning sun works through
    the window & kicks a
    hole in closed eyes.” – those lines! Pure brilliance (no pun intended).

    True Believers…they are a breed apart for sure. Implacable – at least in my experience.

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    temerity in absentia

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