never been…

never been

i’m hearing words from afar, music,
accents on voices licking wedges
of lemon rind. i can’t understand
a thing as the lemon wedge voices
tell limeade stories.

exasperating breathless gestures
finally break through a mocha haze.
mango-banana hands a better value
than my cherry cola tongue. apple-
eyes hanging out above over
coconut grins roll bones around a
circle of lemon-headed devotees.

the song goes on above it all; refrain,
stanza, lyric, instrumentation. newly
remastered identity as a cherry lime
rickey gets me past the pomegranate
guard but i ain’t asking questions here.
music kept loud enough to drown
out papaya dreams i’d yet to dream
about an unrecognizable pineapple
girl i’d never met.

fruit punch schedule kept on the
back pages of a calendar keeps
everything moving. natural sugar
existence annotated by meetups,
events, concerts, tickets, sunday
morning coffee & paper over butter

lemon-heads circle up & the cycle
begins again. been here before,
never been so glad to be back,
cherry cola tongue intact.

4 Responses to “never been…”

  1. How does a papaya dream look like? Glad to see you back!

  2. So many different things ran through my mind reading this. How even when we are sure of who we are, we sometimes fall prey to what is being offered as if it might be the new and better way of being…or it might be easier to think what’s being told, instead of what we know to be true.

    And I’m also left craving fruit salad!

    • I second your fruit salad idea. I think you kinda nailed it with your interpretation. Everyone (author included) goes off on these complicated excursions to ‘find ourselves’ yet at the end of the trip, it is as arbitrary as any other conclusion we come too. Strange to think about the randomness of life in those terms. I suppose it boils down to what “truth” you are willing to accept as the bedrock of belief. Everyone has their own idea of where that line is, but again, seems to be more arbitrary the closer you examine the issue. Gives me a headache to think about too much! (So yeah, writing a poem about the problems of self-discovery cloaked in fruit salad actually worked? Sweet!)

      Glad you like the poem, sorry for the overlong reply. Loved the pictures on your site. Until later,


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