with apologies to mr. henry…

how to keep our best in mind“*

using an old song for a washcloth as
a one man philological discussion
flows forth between verse & the
shower-head. pulsed water pushes
dirt & sweat from skin to drain.
i haven’t got any documentation or
lyrics in front of me; just a tune &
tiles behind shower curtain privacy.
it ain’t lingerie but i don’t know what
lingerie feels like. maybe it is.

ceremonial washing of hair falling over
shoulders & down my back. cleaned,
pony-tailed to keep gray strands from
cherry tips clinging to the days first
cigarette. verisimilitude in the shower,
& towel-dried skin beneath clothed
shoulders, hips, cock, legs. socks
despite my desire for warmer weather.
can’t fight the realities of ice cooled

accidentally destroyed a phone play-
ing with my rifle. my aim was perfect
but i didn’t mean to pull the trigger.
much quieter now, & i’m lettin’ today
slink around me; sounds like joe henry
& feels blues & jazz & psycho-country
all at once. our psychonaut stretches out,
relaxes. with only limited control over
the playlist & none over any of the
current revolutions silently being
decided on television, there were few
options. i couldn’t help ’em or hurt ’em,
even if i wanted to.

i turned the tv off. some mornings are
made for letting go & playing island.
how else can you hear the music?


* Title is a line from a song by Joe Henry, which I have gone ahead and used without any kind of approval or anything. Probably should have checked with the boys back at the home office, but there was no time for any of their shenanigans. I don’t know, maybe there was, but there isn’t any money involved and if I have learned anything about America, people only fuck with you when there is money involved. Less money, less problems. (That’s what it means, right? Just thinking out loud.) Anyhow, apologies Joe Henry, but then again, if you ever see this then bully for me. Well, 23 skidoo. See you later campers.

6 Responses to “with apologies to mr. henry…”

  1. Ears open, but you open my eyes to so many of the things I’m blind to CRB x

    • Too kind. I owe you a visit to read your latest. Amazing how far behind you get in life being a slacker. Appreciate the vote of confidence, hope you have been doing well. Take it easy RS.


  2. Intense- but that’s how you write!
    Loved the imagery.. too good 🙂

    Hope life’s treating good.. is your sleep pattern behaving yet?
    Hugs xx

  3. signed .............bkm Says:

    very nice and truly some mornings, somedays…many days are made for being an island….even if the remedy is silence….bkm

  4. I love this piece. The wordplay is simply fantastic, and you touch on deep sentiment while (seemingly) describing only the mundane. Sweet.

  5. keep listening to the music man…and clarifying that you dont wear lingerie…i really should not joke since you shot a defenseless phone…i think i am going back to my island now…smiles.

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