coming up next…

news @ 11

every detail in the contract
is already signed; asking me
the same question twice won’t
get you a different answer.
i told you that stiletto heeled
story. heels under feet that
probably hurt (i never asked)
but all the same mostly it stays
unspoken. how much faith do
you think she has? last time
she kept walking & didn’t say a

limits or reticence, nobody knows.
parsing the same damn territory
already cut up nine different
ways wearing the same brown
sweatshirt hiding the same smile
under the same hat & leading
nobody in circles. i’m putting
the music up to 11. naw, i hate
this song but it’s easier than

those kids following after me with
expectations of easy money are
gonna be disappointed. i mean, yeah
i wanna walk london streets but it’s
too far to swim & anyway ms. green
glasses took off for purple skies &
volcanic soils. can you blame her?

playing odds & evens on chances
of seeing a lost soul walk through
the front door, my reckless side
is showing again. rivers & veins in
estimated directions bring down the
medication. just feel that sweet
breath kissed by a nuclear furnace;
it’s me against the mirror again.
how much faith do you think
i have?


Dedicated to the scumbags. See, just because it seemed like a good idea at the time doesn’t mean you gotta worry about the blind reading the signs. If I was worried about that I’m pretty sure you’d have stopped whispering in my ear yesterday. Well, I suppose we can agree to disagree. That is the essence of freedom after all. Ya gotta love the trip.

5 Responses to “coming up next…”

  1. deep, brilliant…

    keep walking, keep sharing…

    see you soon.

  2. I like your style of writing. It is kind of unique and different. Did not exactly understand exactly what this piece was about but it did manage to create some vague imagery in my head. Maybe that was your intention also.

    • Glad you liked the style, and appreciate the comment. I usually try not to explain the poems too much because I believe the reader should decide the meaning based on the connections they make with the text, but I think with a poem such as this, an explanation might be in order. The main thrust is about waiting on the arrival of someone without knowing what the person wants as well as discovering if the desires of both characters are mutual or distinct. I supposed it’s a touch on the vague side but I’d rather leave room for interpretation by the reader. Glad you enjoyed the poem, and thanks for the visit. Take it easy,


  3. I really felt this. superb writing. i will be back, back pocket 😉

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