her molybdenum eyes…

her molybdenum eyes

her molybdenum eyes are cubically
reflective. at peripheral angles her eyes
reveal a partial forgiveness of desire
requiring constant vigilance to keep
them from completely forgetting. faux
cupcake plans splayed out, laid down
in farcical conversations running over
several days of imagination.
i lose my place repeatedly
even though it’s easy enough
to follow along. have to fight off the
distraction of the reflection of light
off her molybdenum eyes.

she’s dangling flip-flops from both ears
but i’m seeing stiletto boots. when
she walks her heels stab at the floor.
i’d swear the floor savors the touch,
ignoring the pain of twin knives cutting
their way across the room. jokes on me
if i ever find out for sure.

questions with obvious answers ain’t
friends to anybody. curiosity slit a cats
throat & all i did was stub my toe.
i hated not knowing what those eyes
felt like set above an unforced smile.
sometimes it takes the luck of right
place & time. other times just a joke.

her molybdenum eyes split hairs with
the words she speaks; sentience in
real-time playing possum while we
stand in the rain smoking cigarettes,
debating empiricism & leaving the non-
local physics for another day. better
to leave the daydream vicar while he
sleeps. her molybdenum eyes are rare
enough. that’s a question, not
an answer.

5 Responses to “her molybdenum eyes…”

  1. I had to look up “molybdenum.” But it makes the poem. You lose yourself repeatedly. Well, of course you do. She has molybdenum eyes!

    • Absolutely. Something strange about how looking at some eyes tells you plenty about yourself and almost nothing about the person you are looking at. Glad ya dug it, nice to meetcha. Thanks for the visit,


  2. That’s great. My dad was a chemical engineer, metalurgist, and he called my dog Molly Molybdenum! I like the stilettos, and the floor liking the stabbing feel of them. Cool poem.

    • Always interested to find those random connections in life. Never fails to amaze me how we can all hook onto certain images and see them through our own prism and relate as such. Thanks for the visit and I’m stoked you liked the poem. Take it easy,


  3. This is a great blog post. I will definitely be checking back to this website soon.

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