life in post-op…

life in post-op

cashed on the smoldering
remains of once green charcoal.
it was easy;
i spent enough to be sure,
letting a double-preen grin
disappear under rising sentiment
in fast flowing red canals
pressing gas into liquid.

mycelia post-production attracted
sticky spinal fluid, shares all
vertebral fate; mine are fucked
even without self-imposed
amnesiac realities (& no, it doesn’t
matter.) i wouldn’t
know any better even if i

i left the speedball delirium in
rapture, moving toward morning,
resolution with useless rubber legs,
tongue, fingers. my path past peak
steepens headed down. rare
mycologic power of simplicity;
red canals & alveoli are
something else entirely. still
questions get answered & jobs
get done.

One Response to “life in post-op…”

  1. Lucky you with answered questions and jobs done!

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