watermelons in a kiwi world…

something about friendship

a transition from late morning
to early afternoon in record time.
semantics taken care of,
memory was quick to follow. my
method follows a bird in the bush,
but not like a nut in the hand.
much as the dancing bears are
used to all of these shenanigans;
there’s forever
time for something new.

later, they’ll show the
video to all top brains of the
organization on top of the
flowchart from whence ALL the
good ideas come from. those
fuckers stole all of the
quote unquote
intellectual property.

my other crimes were minor
by comparison, if slightly
more subtle & more varied.
stuck to the same spot, fighting
the usual battles, hope comes
in pill form & side effects
are negligible, if a skosh vicious.
costs are atrocious of course,
but nobody ever notices that
part. co-pays cover a good 75%
of the population you know…

that’s 3 out of 4,
which makes me 1 of a kind
at your average tee time;
if i could golf, which i can’t,
making it all somewhat academic.

much like
everything else
in life,
everywhere i
look &
everytime i

that said,
it’s good to be
among friends at the
really crucial moments;


7 Responses to “watermelons in a kiwi world…”

  1. Each time I read about friendship, I hear Keb. I hope you enjoy this:

    I could not wait for your rally upload to visit. May your pen flow!

  2. the last stanza … Very true

  3. Jessica Says:

    Again I like the flow of your poem, an outpouring of thoughts, like a wander down a grubby mind!


  4. relaxing flow…

    at critical times, a friend is like a cup of hot tea in a cold winter evening…

    you are young, friends may mean more…

    glad to have you share a friendship piece.


  5. very beautifully written. enjoyed the poem a lot.


  6. like the way you change up the rhythm there at the end; it really gives that last verse an extra dose of power. sharp wordplay as ever, and i particularly appreciated your use of “skosh.” (it’s always enlightening to have to wiki one of your words 🙂 )


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