elena wishes on a star…

elena wishes on a star

first arrival in
goose-flesh heat.
shaking & wet to touch,
elena hasn’t read whats
writlicked in spit inside
her left thigh
& is sure there
are places too far to go
for her smile.
i smile ’cause
she’s wrong & miles
are footsteps under
elena’s smile.

my daydream explication;
she laughs when
i joke. desire stiffens
& i wanna eye-lick
elena’s mystery tattoo.
selfish helix-desire
to see more than
elena’s smile leads me
past her teeth
on the way to
her tongue.

constellations sly skip-twist
at night through easy
aperture of an open window.
elena wishes on the first star
as swiftly darkening sky
is overtaken by streaks of
purple finger-clouds.
disfigured atmospheric
behemoths race through
un-reconnoitered sky
before starlight makes that
first tentative lick
from sky to ground.

a short-timer’s game
plays out; i wait on
the arrival of rapid cycle
logic to clarify why
we need to breathe
together because there
is no other way. matte
tongues against green-
eyed smiles over kiss/bite
goodbyes. nobody moves
when elena wishes on
a star.


Dedicated to the most wonderful woman I have ever met who wishes on the first star she see’s but never tells me what she’s wishing for. My wishes are somewhat more obvious, but then, they always are.

6 Responses to “elena wishes on a star…”

  1. she never tells. But rest assured I am certain they come true. She is in good standing with the Fates.

  2. why, this is almost sweet for you, crb. some excellent wordplay here, sharp and twisty. liked especially “before starlight makes that
    first tentative lick
    from sky to ground.”
    –poetic is an understatement.

    i see i’m behind ’round here. never worry; i’ll be back. 🙂


    • You never fail to make me smile; can’t wait for Friday. I owe you a return visit, it has been way too long. Thanks for the kind words, the woman that inspired the above poem is something special. Take care & see you soon.


  3. she still wishes on stars

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