rainy day ebullience…

“rainy day ebullience”

whacked past morning stems
as my most acute limitations
become self-aware. an entire
setup laid out, ready for guests
soon-to-arrive & shred evenings

knives & forks like all good folk;
really too many sharp objects
for anyone’s comfort; if you don’t
like to bleed, it can be a vicious
place. not a tourniquet in sight.

little cuts spaced perfectly against
ankles & biceps; there are always
places to go where the last of you
& what’s left of me can dance &
sweat & stomp tiny chocolates into
the linoleum floor. pass me a drink;
my throat is dry, i can’t see straight
& i mighta broken another bone.

my smile would break the mirror if
it wasn’t lying in pieces on the
floor. implements of destruction
spread out ’cause i like to watch &
lick my lips right before glass shatters.

i am impervious to luck & maybe
i’ll live forever; i’m an alligator smile
& my teeth are bared for all to see.
claws are over-rated when tail-whip
gyration cause deviations in air-flow.
it’ll rip skin right off bone.

it’s okay though; i’m always careful &
real experienced. you can trust me…

One Response to “rainy day ebullience…”

  1. you really should be careful with those m&m’s… they are scurvy little bastards.

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