of course you’ve seen a fool…

low dollar dreams

ambrosial taste oncoming
momentary amnesia sets
in. everything will surface
sooner or later; drawn
deeply into a ten finger-
hug laminated with skin
cream smelling like kiwi-
almond texture spread
with the same care with
which one would assign
seats at an office get-

whatever is forgotten
won’t be the more im-
portent fixtures of day
to day living or even
subsistence level farming.
instead we’ll lay down
& compare stars, moons,
planets & asteroids from
the comfort of our bed.

i’m not asking if you see
your beauty reflected in
every photon dashing
around the room; i’m just
sayin’ i can see it clearly &
know those stars & planets
& moons are only background.
from where i sit, i can watch
you lay back to wish on a star,
faintly glowing from todays
light, double-sided stuck to
the ceiling, it’s only waiting on


Inspired by plastic glow-in-the-dark stars & the girls who wish on them.

9 Responses to “of course you’ve seen a fool…”

  1. You capture the mood perfectly here I think – great poem.

  2. As always I feel slightly dazed after reading your poems! I love the last stanza. Clever!

  3. The stars never made it up to the ceiling… must have been that crazy religious shroom haze. harry potter will be a better time. And remember she wished on her star last night and had nothing to wish for because she has everything she needs. šŸ™‚ except maybe that Red sox cap

  4. you have stunning imaginations.

    another incredible write.
    Thanks for linking


  5. lpretty inspiring and ovely my friend.. my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/springtide/

  6. interesting write; left me pondering quite a bit. If there’s one thing I love about your work (well there are several things, as you know by now) it’s that you sure don’t write trite cliche. Lord the shit I wade through sometimes… Been to long duder… hoping things are good in your side of town.

    Luke @ WordSalad

  7. belladonna23 Says:

    beautifully sweet! I think I see a new side to you CBF.

  8. beautiful! thankyou!

  9. Love the persona you adopt here. Fun, quirky, sexy. Great work!

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