mirrors in the air…


as usual we were slammed up
against the wall at daybreak.
realistic motion-action hip thrust
logic as spring stormed in through
the window & swept out harsh
winter through the open door.
no replacement for such elocution;
i heard every word, but
can’t do a damn thing about it
for now.

i’d laugh because it’s so ridiculous
but i got one of my razor blades
caught in my throat & talking
blood is getting cold. let’s put
down the knives for a sec; it gets
tiring as an anachronism even if
it is more fun most of the time.

besides, all of us are better
off as ships passing the night on
diagonal courses through a blinding
sun. free-market ready made excuses
for any kind of mistake any of us could
ever make. certainly ain’t worth
fighting over. nobody needs a beach
bum poet but desire feels so good.

we can shuck any responsibility like
clams to the slaughter. gilded
mirrors show us who we aren’t when
worn sunglass-style over wannabe
eyes; throaty gesticulation &
music for the background glare (i
hear it can soothe a savage beast
but never actually saw it.)
i can be your best-friend if you
don’t mind sharing the inspiration;
no promissory notes to get in the
way. if i break the mirrors & accept
any corresponding crumb-bum luck can
you pretend you never saw my
face or heard my voice?

words on the breeze of approaching
movements & original invitations. a
muse bats her blueberry eyes to
make a crowd appear. now i’m
left pleading my case to shards of
glass with a razor-blade throat. great
plan… when do we start?

9 Responses to “mirrors in the air…”

  1. blueberries, razor blades and broken mirrors.. … sounds like a place i have been.. except i don’t really like blueberries. weird texture.

  2. “Talking blood is getting cold…” and “shucking responsibilities like clams to the slaughter” (nice pun, there, clams). This is fascinating writing. You are truly original and I read the whole poem aloud twice. Found you at Poets United, and so glad I did. Amy Barlow Liberatore
    I have to add: Astonishing.

  3. You sure do know how to light my fire ha ha ha ha ha ha

    You’re freaking awesome and you know it,
    so why hide it @self deprecating comments tsk tsk tsk

    Ships, I got, had many of those and I am an expert at letting go 🙂
    hmmm it seems that you wake up only for floetry

    Good luck on your reading btw, keep us updated and finish that darn book, I got a hole in my pocket

    Thus far you popped 3 beautiful babies, your bestestest lol that I simply go googoo gaga over, even printed them for review ain’t it sumting! lol

    Her molybdeneum eyes: speaks of desire
    Her tongue,,,:speaks of lust
    which is this one…which is so touching, (you had me dying on the floor with this one, man you can make me laugh, I dig) so filled with emotions(whomever can touch emotions controls you)-what a source of inspiration!!! lucky gal!!! ha ha ha ha ha

    These 3 babies owwwwwwwwwl, (cat meowl and not though not good at catfights nor knifes, too cute for that lol) NOT just palabras palabras but heart, me likeyyyyyyyyyyyyy papi

    And now by the power vested in me you may now use “Caribbean” as a moniker, but fool!!!! trick that papi!

    Sail on O pirate of the national seas ha ha ha ha ha ha ha man you made me smile (what a freaking awesome lunch time this made, thanks for the everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrting)


  4. oops meant she felt my tongue yaddee yadda lol, I am laughing too darn much to write properly lol my bad

    uhm also I am not good at fighting lol though I can meowl ha ha ha damn it you’re good!

    That brilliant mind and the way with words, hmmmmmmm awesome

    ay ay sailor lol

  5. well your blueberry eyed girl thought you rocked it tonight proud I was and am. Your selection was good and you introduced me with my real name and even though I trembled through it you encouraged me to stand up and read the poems I had wrote documenting this event in your life. Next time I think I will bring poems that are already wrote and not pull
    ed last minute out of the air.

  6. sharp words and wordplay here, like always. all the razorblade and broken mirror imagery cuts too close to home for my comfort… but that’s what great poems do, right?

    reading this has an added dimension now that i can picture its poet. let’s do it again soon, eh?


  7. Just catching up on my reading. I write just enough to know the care you must exercise in your choice of each and every word – you are quite driven aren’t you! I do prefer the ones that get at what life could/should be like. I remember reading the poem Alfred J. Prufock when I was a teenager – never wanted ‘”Do I dare?” to be something I would hesitate about in matters of the heart – as life on this earth is what we make of it isn’t it?

  8. H2O Buddy Says:

    Hmmm, it’s been some time since I’ve written – moniker needed “Buddy” added to it – sorry about that!

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