i know they’re ready to
help at a moment’s notice;
the temporary savior machine
demands no supplication or
ceremonial candlelight.
quarters catch the attention
of the people in charge of
that kind of thing; it’s all
there is & all you can expect
kneeling amongst cannibals,
monsters & memories.

all that coincidental bending
at the waist gets us close
enough to the alter. scenery
recognizable by powerful magic
in this age of medical necessity;
it keeps the infected footsteps
from cracking against cold
linoleum floors & echoes off
of deserted hallway walls.

stability at high cost. nerves
will fizzle & an angel sits
on my shoulder, urging me past
ashes of past confidence.
faithful to the fear of desertion
stuck in oncoming headlights,
we keep talking until we trust
each others smile doesn’t hide
a razor blade. there’ll be time for
those kinda games later.


Sorry to have been MIA so long. Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to a new life’s work & a new dream. Apologies, I will be posting more this week.


One Response to “perfection…”

  1. Nice to see you back again. for some reason, I don’t hear your voice coming through as strongly in this as in other pieces, though it sounds from the imagery that we’re on similar wavelengths this week. powerful ending.

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