plenty of music but nobody to dance…

“no rescue”

a quiet room soliloquy to nobody
in particular passes the time
like you wouldn’t believe. whatever
is wrong, the solution is the
same simple answer as a
mosquito bite. invite every last
dragon back into the house &
let ’em run wild with razor teeth
& that pharyngeal fire breath. i’m not
scared; let’s find out how many
i can take & then it’s your turn.
no cheating here.

i strangled my phone line for fun
with purpose; little plastic square
wasn’t ringing anyway. i’m safe
with nobody looking for me, at
me, to me. fire & tiny specks colored
with a birds egg speckle print sit
like protective soldiers guarding my
eyes, ears, nose & throat. (if
it gets slit, it means the watchman
fell asleep.) i’m getting tired

evolving morning darkness spins
on the same spectrum as all the
other visible light. sharp as a tack
with nothing to drink but wine
from my past (they make the vino
just up the road from my semi-recent
history.) i was looking for guidance
& counted letters of words on a
warning label. ha! stupid fucks
printed everything in triplicate,
side to side with a sway like effect
when mixed into a cheap laser pointer
for effect (after all, we’re not bar-

i won’t stop you.
i won’t hurt you.
i won’t strike out
when one swallow
is all it takes to
banish an afternoon
into the evening. besides,
it’s a standing eight, tops
a ten-count? are you
as out of your fucking
mind as i am? i knew
there was a reason why
i love you.


Inspired by Sir Arthur of the polynomial table & the good folks at Carl’s Jr. ‘Carl’s Jr. FUCK YOU I’m Eating!’ (in case you haven’t seen Idiocracy in a while. If not see it. Good flick.) Anyway, the testing continues apace. No room for misinterpretation on this one. We’ll go after it like a pair of motherfucking raptors before we let a food shortage starve us out. I’m already hungry but thanks to my training I can go days without eating. Eating food at least. Ha! Enjoy you kind folk. More positive CF will be back later. Right now spins are on my mind like a cobra snake bite. Is it beach time yet? As John Locke once said on LOST, ‘Destiny is a fickle bitch.’ Truer words never spoken. Damage control is gonna be rough over the next few days, and poetry awaits. Off to greet the floor because the faster this room spins, the harder it is to write.

4 Responses to “plenty of music but nobody to dance…”

  1. Glad to see a post from you, always a pleasure to have a look at your word world. Loved the dragons invited over … that would be some challenge …

  2. she will dance when swhe is feeling better

  3. belladonna23 Says:

    awesome perfect just PERFECT

  4. […] plenty of music but nobody to dance… « the fools back pocket […]

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