vermicious cotillion & other bad ideas…

one note song

maybe I’ve been playing
that one note song again.
smoked down from old-fashion
righteousness over performance,
technology, metaphysics, etc.

everything but the syringe is
falling out. i can’t help but marvel
at the scale of endeavor; sky-
scraper sized, plied with grease &
shot through with who-the-fuck-
knows-what. an art of the possible
leaves decisions to the somewhat
academic while the visualists talk
about what they see. six-of-one.

meander through the iconography
& you’ll be able to see a new
coat of paint ages as easily as
sperm & eggs. won’t hide anything;
not scratches or sidewall dents.
someone is going to have to clean
the rarefied air.

i’m playing my one-note song
one night only at the local bar.
after i memorized the setlist for
what mustabeen the fiftieth time
it was enough to sing & pretend
playing in the round meant everyone
could see my face except me.


One Response to “vermicious cotillion & other bad ideas…”

  1. NICE BRO….check me out when you get a chance

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