memetic rhetoric…

translator’s nightmare

started out as an exhalation
during an argument over the
possibilities of architectural
transcendence. ended with
a blessing & after that nobody
talked about it anymore.

i realized (after taking too long
stranglin’ simple timeline alterations)
the only option left was to try like
hell not to leave anything behind;
identification ain’t my specialty
but i’ve no evidence to give
& nobody to give it too.

it seemed so important to finish
the project even as sight failed
to aid in the hamburger roll. i
was almost alone without a clue
’bout what comes next;
cigarette tips don’t reveal much
about where we are even as
they burn.

letting go of the last breath
taken on purpose by suggestion
of a friend. rationale of the friendly;
by the time an ultra-light was
reconstructed as a silver torch,
semantics were already on the
way out. names of roses enjoyed
Shakespearean freedom while waves
finally grabbed whatever it was
they’d been reaching towards
since being shoved by the moon.

another cigarette. blue-sky
thunder & waitin’ on a storm
i’m sure is coming to pass.
another deep drag on a
cigarette while i concentrate.
everything goes on as it
always does. another deep
drag & nothing moves while
everything changes.


Dedicated to BDS. It takes a lot of intellectual courage to withstand the attacks of the simple-minded. I admire that. Taking it with decency & goodwill shows the true measure of the man. Whether you believe he was right or wrong doesn’t matter. Truly a thinking man’s thinking man.

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