where’s your head?.?.?.

i didn’t ask

sometimes the answer comes
before the question hits music
& clothes drop off. by now all
the words are scrambled with
clean laundry challenges to
direct the action ever farther
down from intelligent creation
to intelligent usage. i have seen
a face.

but i can’t
find my head. i was arguing with
theophiles & guitarists over some
missed string here or there, a
leibnitzian nightmare to jump from
that precipice because our hero
might be down there & i’ve got
questions for him.

unless spinoza is looking to advise
re: harder, stronger, longer,
it’ll have to wait. abstract discussion
being more my style; i’ll give it to the
junkies to play with while i attend to
something more corporeal. (see,
i can get my head out of the clouds
every once in a while.)


Penny ante psychology. You get what you pay for, but assuming you know this at the outset, it isn’t that important. Next time you’re arguing over the meaning of life, spend some time asking why life needs meaning. Just a thought.

One Response to “where’s your head?.?.?.”

  1. my head is where it supposed to be and where yours was trying to be until distracted. I agree with Spinoza

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