quasar the vermillion dust (part 3)…

it ain’t makin’ sense

waiting on leftover oxygen
(it shows up green
in the interstellar void)
for a fix. how to turn
blue-to-red in three easy

conditioned to breath.
it can’t be fought without
a fight, & even then you’ll
lose. it comes from the giant
convection ovens, hot & heavy
& everything the physicists
warn us to avoid.

highway signs are missing,
there’s no perspective.
relativity almost works,
gives the quantum mechanics
inspiration to proceed.
by now we’ve got a tracing of
a copy of a map.

cars sleeping beside the road.
not impossible
but not where we should be,
& nobody knows where that is,

drained of whatever energy i’d
swallowed. melting hours reform;
everyone feverishly transfixed
on a point in space-time
seemingly in need of redesign. i can
agree with that.


Apologies for the absence. Life got hectic, but I will be back to posting more regularly. Hope all is well, or at least soem fair approximation of such.

One Response to “quasar the vermillion dust (part 3)…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    i can agree to that as well…and personally, i believe that where we should be… is where we are. my ever living philosophy is that if a person makes a decision in the moment that they truly felt was right.. it was the right thing to do. my way of living without regret. and those who don’t like it (there are plenty who don’t) don’t have to agree. and those who get angry (once again, there are plenty) can go fuck off

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