we’ll start here…


i lined ’em all up
by effect.
just go with
what you want;
opposite of
everything that
hasn’t happened.
that alone
s’enough for

you can’t fall
from a wagon
when you travel
by boat.

oversize gag-gift
lighter was
all i could find
without searching
couch cushions. it
matched my smile
contemplating how
lazy i had become
to light this fire
with a joke.

between 7 tins
of legal madness;
i’m only a few
breaths short of
waking up
for the day.

my boat shimmies
in calm waters,
on beautiful days,
like this one.


Some know the delight in contemplation of the coming rains. Some never will. I’m not sure which I envy more sometimes. Ah well, bought the ticket…

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