lateral fantasy…

colors looking back at you!

baby’s flower from the beach

there goes another sea-breeze,
same way wind spontaneously blows
form from somewhere unidentified.
superfluous explanation; words
aren’t wind but i feel it all the

more a picture of detailed
flower; raised to be a corpse &
before that to stand still,
look pretty, with attendant judgment.
taken too seriously you’d think it
was entirely normal; what we get
from dirt & sunlight & the occasional

frozen motion of growth. we live on
music & sleep in chairs. we’re the
semi-gloss clinging & coating an
atmosphere. flowers, camera, picture,
opportunity, existence. it pulls the
living back from sleep, awakens sight
& sound. transmogrified beauty


To her. I really do like that picture.

One Response to “lateral fantasy…”

  1. The flower you speak of from the beach

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