fortuitous timing…

probably still is

time given over to the past
for momentary subterfuge
on an afternoon shredded to
pieces by the usual assorted
miscreants & vagrant
ideologues fulfilling
all kinds of bloody-nose
fantasies. it’s all the same
to me; i’ve taken worse
(& seen more of it.)

clouds drift across the landscape
trying to cover the holes in
the sky where they usually hang
stars. maybe its too early for
anything but a snort & drag;
petunia fields won’t hold
a candle to the khandahar poppies
but the afternoon grows more
ambivalent all the same.

dotting through violacea,
playing games past tense on shattered
afternoons like a good boy. i
might have grown up a little;
just more likely not.


Inspired by Leonard Cohen.

3 Responses to “fortuitous timing…”

  1. Mr. Cohen is indeed a huge inspiration …

    • Good to hear from you. Glad you dig on L. Cohen’s work; there are few better (cough cough Bukowski) but Cohens wisdom shines through the dressed up Ladies Man he portrays in life. Something about his phrasing always seems to catch me differently, even on songs I’ve heard before. Anyhow hope all is well & getting better. If not, do your best to make it so. I owe you a visit & a comment. I will try to do so soon. Take care, thanks for the visit.


      • I love Cohen songs- “A thousand kisses deep” is my favorite … Of course Bukowski’s poetry has completely different charm and I’ve read much more stuff from him and I’ll agree with you here, but still L.Cohen has amazing work too …
        I do read all of your stuff, just not that active on commenting anymore đŸ™‚ All ok, as much as it can be ok … I hope the same goes for you! regards to you and Marisol …

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