plans askew, more to come…

greed of the suck-fish

gettin’ bombed watching sunday
untangle the last of her hours,
smoking cigarettes that go down
like water. rainfall outside fights
a rear-guard action keeping the
cloudy sky in place. the only
forward movement is in time.

whomever wanted it badly enough
could feel the electricity; inherent
in swallowed ovoid capsules.
transformational acrobats are all
the rage in this delicate town.
almost nobody watches the slow moving
grass waving in the foot-breeze.
short attention spans virtually
guarantee this misdemeanor attraction
generates moderate success.

by varying account, autonomics rule
the day as it constricts the loose
hours spilled out over the afternoon.
tomorrow is already given over
to a celebration of the old days;
today is the pocket the key must
pass through before being inserted
into the lock. pandoras box will
spring open on its own.

5 Responses to “plans askew, more to come…”

  1. Very nicely done! Lots of great lines: “watching sunday
    untangle the last of her hours”, “the only forward movement is in time”, etc.

  2. Favorite line(s): “short attention spans virtually/ guarantee this misdemeanor attraction/ generates moderate success.” Although I might line break this differently, I really like it.

  3. belladonna23 Says:

    just as great as ever

  4. some great time-imagery here. i can see you in that first verse.

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