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happy holidays y’all…

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a general good morning

i’m not here to compete
with anyone over anything.
why bother? i’d rather be
playing swing-set games
past my expiration date
whenever it’s time to grow
up or find something else
to do for kicks.

one too many early hour slap-
dash pinners seeking a kind
effect; pulling a knife & spiking
my own punchbowl with bad
luck & proclivities for soft
baked pretzels knotted into
unpretzel shapes already
smoldering in the oven.

aces flick-a-trick brings a
little light into the room. temper-
ate zone behavior because
everything is different when
i can see it all laid out in
front of me; a toy map to
practice on where i can
fuck it all up without any
repercussion. my eyes are
half-open & i can kinda see.

plungers already done yeoman
work pushing the night past
another day. since i’m not
wearing black until damn good
& ready, i can pretend master
peri-sensibility like i had class,
like i was going to rick’s to
drink with sasha, dreaming of
a future whose most notable
quality is recognizability to
the past. everyone lives here

we don’t always throw
bricks at windows &
each other; ya
gotta save something
for special occasions.


Inspired by my poet friends. I’d list out y’all but there are too many, and besides, who inspired what line matters only to the rail-thin set of razor’s darlings. We, not being they, do not concern ourselves with such things. I’ve been missing in action for a while, for which I apologize to anyone who has read this poetry blog & deserves a visit back. I’d make a claim of irresponsibility, but you knew that already.

Special thanks to the 10th Muse (way better of a poet than #’s 9 or 11) for my first opportunity to read live (in public no less) Friday, April 22nd in Richmond. Go read her kick ass poetry @ Arspoetica and if you find yourself in Richmond, VA this Friday, look it up. I guess I should get new earrings.

announcements from the home office…

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Good news is always better news when shared. With that in mind, I wanted to share a memo recently received from big wigs back at the home office. It reads, in part, “we are happy to announce the first of many changes in the works at The Fools Back Pocket. While the first change is largely cosmetic, money has been budgeted and petty cash dispensed to obtain a new domain name for the blog. The new domain, will eventually serve as the main portal to the various writings and other web ventures of the hard working staff of thousands responsible for The Fools Back Pocket. This will eventually requite integration of various concepts that will radically expand both the nature of the offerings as well as scope of interactivity available to any readers desiring further interactions with the lunatic fringe.”

The rest of the memo was corporate BS of rather low quality, all things considered. Hardly deserving of repetition here. Highlights include a store for the order of cheaply made trinkets bearing the soon to be released logo, bumper stickers emblazoned with some clever witticism ripped from the context of a poem as well as a planned site redesign.

I also wanted to take a second and thank all who’ve visited, commented, or otherwise spent their valuable time reading the rantings & musings of an openly Foolish unnamed stranger. I’m constantly amazed by the reactions and discussions generated in the comment threads. Thanks for all the support, and here’s hoping to continue expanding TFBP across the series of tubes. More poetry coming later, for now there’s mischief afoot & I’m gonna go get breakfast. It goes so well with mischief.

tangential recriminations…

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tangential recriminations

flayed, drawn out & exhausted
by too many Quixote mind
games to recall. too long tryin’
to find the far end of a
kinda rainbow. i’m thinking
windmills & dragons but it’s
almost always the wrong ones.
none of me could buy it; how
the fuck is anyone else
s’posed to?

couldn’t be sure i was
crazy until the most beautiful
woman in the world told me so.
got spun out on an idea i forgot
about before the laughter squeezed
out a tear. turned out everything
had been shot to shit months ago.
seems like irony searches me out
almost as much as i go lookin’
for it.

faraway end of the rainbow kept
movin’ farther away but inspiration
only intensified. she’s right;
expanding universes never
got any closer.

but me?
well, i got 87.5 per cent
soaked on a fool’s quest under-
taken after disregarding my
last bit of sacrosanct idealism.
across this dyspeptic
landscape it ain’t talent so
much as luck.

lucky for me my head was floating
just above cloud nine in blatant
disregard of the facts on the ground;
my top eighth or so was
dry; anything under
the neck-line will dry out. there’s
benefit even in disaster. drop
a coin in the box outside the temple
for whatever greek deity
looked out for the satisfactorily
fucked. any of ’em will work.


Apologies for the length. This poem has officially set a new personal record for number of drafts taken to pull something halfway readable out of what started as a 500 word opus on the subject of nothing. True to my word (inside comment to answer a ? someone asked me about a month ago) there is your poem (with about 50,000 kilo’s of guilt, desire, & lascivious irreverence!) The poems that I am in the midst of writing & editing this week delve into all kinds of strange situations arising from mis-communication and how it effects literally everything else. Haven’t decided if they are tight enough to work as a collection of poems like before but I could easily see something much smaller but along the same vein coming down the pike. Well, onto the next poem. If I owe you a visit & a comment, please bear with me. I’d swear on something but nothing comes to mind to swear on. Us atheists are always fucking shit up for everyone else, I know. Anyhow, visits ASAP.

I think Benjamin Linus said it best when told John Locke; “… destiny, John, is fickle bitch.” Thankfully, that is what you would expect chasing irony too hard and for too long to know any better.

aloha one & all…

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Too all the kind visitors; thanks for the high hopes & well wishes. I will be gone most of Tuesday on a writing expedition to the beach. If you happen to be in Ocean City, MD and see a poet working on the wintry beach/boardwalk, come over and say aloha.

Depending on a host of factors out of my control, I’m unsure of when I will be back but will try to post some of the poems that come out of the trip tonight in the late late AM. Again, thanks for all the support & encouragement. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it all. Have a good Tuesday,

The Fool.

water boiling in the kettle…

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boiling kettle

yeah. hurts ‘nough
reachin’ for an
oven-heated kettle
without an oven mitt.
probably shoulda
learned my lesson
by now,
yet i keep gettin’

sure, i should
pull back instead of
reaching toward
200 degree metal;
for some reason i
can’t stop reaching,
forever gettin’ burned.
penitent & ready, i’m
reaching again.


Dedicated to all the dumbfucks who keep trying even when everything goes critical all at once. We cannot help each other but we can salute the masochist in all of us & call it bravery. Sorry for disappearing, just needed some time out in the ether. More to come.

lusting after something to say…

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writer’s cockblock

i gotta ask
if anyone in
of any of
those wilder
strains of genius
ever left behind
instructions about
when the path
disappears &
it’s desert in
every direction.
(even going
backwards didn’t

as near as

brothers & sisters;
i think
the only solution
is gettin’

i can’t explain
how & why;
none of those
amongst us
ever said
anything about

those fuckers.

also helps.


Dedicated to anyone suffering from writers block. Cure is different for everybody which is bad news for the self-help crowd. That’s okay by me; just part of what makes finding IT so alternatively exhilarating and frustrating depending upon how you go about the search. I can’t offer any solutions, but I sympathize with those looking to break free. However you might measure wisdom, it usually doesn’t help when both the answer and question are unknown.

Good luck to all, plus, you know, once-a-writer-always-a-writer, so long term we should all be fine. Don’t be so myopic.

Also, TFBP just passed 9K hits. All of us here at Foolish Consolidated Poetic Industries thank anyone who has read anything posted. Sooner or later the planned domain name change will get going after being somewhat lost in the wreckage. Anyhow, all readers are very much appreciated. The march to 100K continues apace. (‘Cause you have to have goals, or so I’m told. I don’t really believe that part. “Hahaha” laughed the silent partner.)

more admin bs…

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Sorry for not answering comments or posting new poems. I have been out of internet contact for a few days and will be back writing/posting Monday. Thanks kindly for the visit, see ya then.



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nothin’ doin’ today. that
seem close enough to right?

long past tipping & still
tryin’ badly to pay attention;
can’t you hear me listen?
at this distance your wet-
tongue could lick my words.

simultaneous shudder; our
eyes glisten with stark hunger
for different reasons.

only thing i can give you is
metronomic breathing.
my eyes finally open, seeing
you. i’m cooler under your shadow;
closer to your embrace.
next best thing to the
encapsulated & spread-out
synthetic warmth.

you presume a lost cause,
far from where i’m needed.
maybe so. by now,
certainty is dead & buried;
frees us up for compensation
since it all burnt down.

nothin’ doin’ today. that
seem close enough to right?


Dedicated to everything within reach. What I’d do without you I don’t wanna know, but I’d probably go get more, so don’t get that excited.

Indefatigable me. (If you get that joke, I’d be frightened.) Anyhow, after kicking around a couple of different themes since I finished ‘The Butterfly Bitch’ series I finally settled on my next project. The title is ‘Letting Go At Slow Speed.’ The series will focus on the idea of “strangers” expressed from different points of view. Not sure how long it will take to complete; the outline is done and I’m happy with the plan but they say something about ‘best laid plans’ so you know what that means. Rather than the 3-6-9-6-3 format of TBB series, I thought I’d change it up to something more appropriate here as there is less of a need for nuance/balance and more need to examine the extremes. Hoping to post the first poem tomorrow, then we shall see where it goes.

Perfect Poet Award (thursday poets rally week 30)…

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an unexpected week 30 perfect poet award

Thanks to Jingle for awarding TFBP a Perfect Poet Award for week 30 Thursday Poetry Rally. I know I’m supposed to put up a logo, but I am not sure how to do that, so the following poem is dedicated to Jingle for all her hard work building a place for poets to meet, share poetry, and read the poetry of others. Thanks for all you do, not even counting being a poet and spreading the word of poetry all over the web. You must squeeze 30 hours into every day.


i bet her laugh
sounds like rain
bouncing on the hood
of a car; maybe she can
read minds while eating
dinner or sense poetry
spoken very
far away.

i know she can write
poems & comments,
she can keep up poetic
spirits in a million ways.
whatever her method;
spreading poetry across
every border,
her gift to poets
& readers.

she’s links
& jokes;
listening &
whenever life
demands it; impressing
us with what
seems so natural
coming from

i don’t know
where you find
the time for every
poet; the words
for every poem,
or how you keep it
all together in
such a friendly

that you do is enough.
more than enough.


Thanks again Jingle, for all you do. Everybody should check out her page and find one of the million ways you cna get involved spreading poetry online to all readers & writers. You are a dynamo, and all your work does no go unnoticed nor unappreciated.


More Admin Announcements

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Aloha all, and thanks for tuning in to The Fool’s Back Pocket, the place for poetry, prose, free-writing and other linguistic adventures chronicling asinine reality & temporary accomplishment. We here at Foolish Poetic Consolidated Industries are proud to open the new TFBP Facebook page. Simply log into Facebook and search for and send over a friend request. For now, the content is the same, but I have a ton of ideas on new projects, new explorations, and new stories about how they let the crazies just wander around out here.

Let me thank you again for reading, it is the highest possible compliment you can pay me. It is always appreciated, and look for new developments in the future including a section on literature and music reviews as well as more of what you’ve come to expect from TFBP. Please address all complaints, concerns, criticisms, or other such commentary to Hope to see y’all on FB and I look forward to sharing more of the insanity that leaks out from under the dirty side of life. Until we meet again,