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enter the fool (part idfk+1)…

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wait for it

plying a fragment of
brick around the glazed trays’
glossy finish during another
transitional morning glory. i
sought my comfort in the
speed of light, same as
always & ever.

jitterbug nerves command
games with fingertips that
shake just enough to
disturb tired eyes. water
gurgles in the reed choked
pond; it’s anaerobic
everywhere lately.

enter the fool (part 4)…

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friends in strange places

late night early morning
where the mint mojo is
greenbagged with hushed
music & dim lights. easy scene,
no cleanup to worry about;
solo enjoyment all along a
nights-end ride. the stashbox
smiles back at me without
much provocation. rolled
road-ready multitool that
fixes every problem in an
old-fashioned way.
what troubles?

a ringing phone equivalency
goes off at odd intervals telling
me it’s time to finish the green-
bag evening & get to enjoying
friendship on a wider scale.
backyard grass is ready for
sunlight deliverance; offhand
compliments & secret saviors
drag first light closer by the
minute. if i haven’t expressed
gratitude for the chance to
dream about the intimacy of
couldbes, i really should say
something. gotta give back to
the community & all that.


enter the fool (part 2)…

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Part 2

no more apologies

first timer tricks are hiding up sleeves,
or sharin’ pockets with aces n’ deuces.
outside, muffled voices lose themselves
in discussion. talk falls back on current
events; irreducible complexity & six day
exhaustion. in temporary unity raw fear
is surreptitiously replaced with transient
faith in vagabond ponytail philosophy.

days later n; heard i’d been missin’ a while.
only thing i remember are insistent sunset
binges though sunrise turns me on as much
as that beautiful dancer. received wisdom
taken home in a spare pocket highlights
lessons to be learned. even under daytime
starlight i mistake change for progress.

still not sure ’bout what’s lost.


Feels like forever. TWTC & exhausted to boot. That was really bad news yesterday. Guess they can’t all be winners Billy Bob…

enter the fool (part one)…

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in defense of the lascivious

most impressive thing i’ve ever
seen was coming across two
parallel lines copulating in a dimly
lit carpark. i was also impressed
by visions of a perpendicular orgasm,
though less so; i know what touch
can do to overtly sensitive skin.

reverse engineered solutions to
such problems require a place
from which to reverse. times call
for baiting more than fresh breath.
a dirty secret spills from an unnamed
orifice. no question he’s lost it;

only if he ever had it.


Sometimes words can do the trick. Even when this proves not to be true, not all of us so quickly disregard tongue. This is part one of a new series of short poems. The last of the Black Smoke Chronicles will be up later this week.