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fawktard… (part 2)

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what can you do?

i went to monticello,
hearing somebody
say i should speak to
jeff. he’s long dead,
or maybe i was just late to
the party. took the tour
anyway so i could stare
at his dumbwaiter &
think back to the time
we weren’t quite as
fucked as we are now.

i wonder how much
longer until one of those
Historic Moments In
Human History comes
along & sweeps
everything away.

denninger has
the math down to a
science; with jeff dead,
bruce stealing mr. joad &
a lack of jacksons
(wait a while, my guess is
there’ll be plenty.)
who knows what comes
after the bankster

no worries though;
we’re all fine.
just repeat after me.
heavy sour is the same
as light sweet,
politicians care about
the citizenry,
Jefferson County Alabama
loves JP Morgan,
& all’s going according
to plan & under

let’s stare into a mirror,
think back to a time
we weren’t quite so…



Dedicated to Phil Ochs. Was it ‘Ringing of the Revolution’ or ‘Rehearsals for Retirement’? All I know is ‘I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore.’ When the wave hits here, what then? Obvious answers are always the bloodiest.

fawktard… (part 1)

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so much for the quantum
folk; some numb-fuck
convinced the naive & lazy
that if you think it,
they will come.

knockoff yogis, spiritual
degenerates, acid freaks
& wannabe prophets all
talk a similar game. askin’
’em to back it up always
ends with a fast-track from
pseudo-science to pablum,
not always in that order.

meanwhile the morality
police drive thunderbirds
stone sober. when they hit
a wall it’s always accidental
& forgiveness is applied as
such. can’t fault the system
for standard response.
same argument as
ever wails out;
no other choice…
had to be done…
just the way it works.

i can dig it.

so if i tie back my hair
(graying as it is) & lapse
into a semi-trance
induced by a horrifying
array of chemical reactions,
i’m sure i’ll be extended
the same respect.

well, i can dig it.

of course,
i swear i’ll be good.


No inspiration like screaming just for the fuck of it. Holy Sausalito Batman! I wonder what kind of sick shit is planned for part 2?