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i am not alone…

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about last night

found the usual post-mortem
in black ink but it doesn’t
matter (in detail.) pouring some
music & another cranberry juice/gin
cocktail & i’m laughing
cause that’s what you do when
the last feather is pulled out
& you find out you can still

war as necessity…

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war as needed

somebody is always asking
what kind of man Napoleon
might have been had he captured
his Corsican homeland instead
of burning the armies of monarchs
for fun & profit. maybe the
arsenic coulda been saved;
of course Bernadotte clan might
have something to say about that.

the rabble never tire of this passion-
play regardless of what Pitt might
have tried. historical role call
continues same as ever. Iraqi pr soothes
whatever an empty suit can’t
convince by blowing smoke. there’s
no shortage of bodies or donated limbs;
more that never changes in usefulness
to men with stars over shoulder
& dreams of fortunate valor
covering whatever limited
intelligence was there to begin with.

dead bodies can’t comment;
living ones can’t wait to replace
the fallen. as is, as was.
where else would a jobless fellow
find a paycheck & a chance
for future advancement?


History as the past. Fun time to be 4F, especially considering what’s coming next.


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my baseball bat does most of
the work when it comes to
disposing any leftover souvenirs
from sometime prior-to. course
i’ve got enough kerosene to do
the job, but it’s cathartic to smash
before you burn, if we’re gonna
be sensible about all this,,,

pictures burn best & picture frames
smash easier than pieces of
paper exposing the asshole i mighta
been back in my asshole days.
right now a snake slithers across
pondscum water baking in sunlight
(code red kinda day i’m told.)

me & a cigarette both burn in the sun;
too fucking muggy to think about
past lives. i stabbed my
still-burning cigarette out in a
clamshell ashtray i found
on some forgotten beach
trip. don’t remember
when or where.


gasoline alley…

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paint thinner revolution on gasoline alley

nobody is coming to
help. complaints don’t reach
government sanctioned office ears;
if he didn’t burn he damn sure
would’ve starved. dead is
dead atf.

Faida stalks
her beat knowing damn well
there’ll be no succor for those
unorganized demons of hunger
& thirst. petty tyrants are
everywhere lately; she wields
a truncheon like a champ.
(imagine for a minute she
was pms’ing on 12/17. let it never
be said real revolution
doesn’t begin in the womb.)

all the same, nobody knows
if it really matters.
billyclubs get swung. be a
waste to forever argue
good from less good.

in a few weeks most of the
planet was screaming for mercy,
a few kilo-calories & a future
for the blastocysts waiting on
their turn to burn down or up
or to one side or the other.
repetitious cellular division bears
the mark of soon-to-arrive children;
what can you hope for
if the food all tastes like burnt skin
& fat & blood while the water is
paint thinner?

i was driving toward the beach on
my own trip
when the man finally left here
somewhere else. i’m told
scorch marks still adorn local court-
house steps though different faces
occupy government offices. another
martyr paid in full & again got
nothing he wanted. written off;
i think it’s in the job description.

i didn’t know the man & now i
never will. i know he took more
shit than he could live with but
how lucky was the man that he
didn’t? dead is dead.
now he’s known from Sidi Bouzid
all the way down gasoline alley
to Washington, DC where
the IMF boys & WTO girls make
mama so proud burning
incense to cover the smell.


Inspired by M. Bouazizi. You got the shit end of the stick in life. All things considered, I suppose it was an odd meeting; maybe that’s what happens when we cross paths in the one dimension that doesn’t rely on geography for proximity. (Though in fairness there are nine others of the M-Theory folk are to be believed. Fuck it; this isn’t about physics, it’s about biology. And physics.)

watch it fall (trowell strikes back)…

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(Look, I don’t know what all the lyrics mean. I’m just playing compare/contrast with flowers & pellets. Took a pocketful during the set-break and went right back to work. Nothing went as planned, which makes it a somewhat routine expression of satisfaction. I could complain, but who’d listen.)

Movers and shakers, the human bot-net mentality, takes over from there. The herd is not wise in any traditional sense, just brilliant at moments passing into critical mass. Well, they give off the appearance of brilliance, and at this stage of development, that is probably a good thing. Symbolic gestures are better than nothing. This is the social contract at a base level. There is no room for impermanence, only authority is forever. The message will be hammered home as needed, until a change in mind.

(Movement is constricted both in the social and individual sense; pressure builds until it finds sufficient force in the release intoxicants blazed into existence by some welcome chemical reaction. Passive acceptance of denial isn’t in my nature, nor is letting some dumb-fuck make decisions that are just as easily made here, at the home office. That being said, there isn’t always a choice to be made. Sometimes you just have to wake up after pushing it as far as it’ll go and smile. Coffee doesn’t have to be the best part of waking up.)

Artists are subject to the same gravity as everyone else, and if there is one thing that cannot be tolerated, it is dissent in any form. As the belly of the beast slowly discovers the cat is out of the bag, it will not react well. It’s really more of a question of when & who than of if. Same as ever.

political suicide…

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political suicide

years past
the Trouble’s,
explosions, death-
struggles of political
evangelicalism were
slowed in home
rule. things
settled down long
enough for boom &
bust to become financial
terminology rather than
a violent rejection of

as an outsider,
i can’t help but
admire the brash nature
of the whole business.
thirst for such home rule
is a familiar refrain;
when ireland took on
the Empire there
were no oceanic distances
to help defend a
nascent republic,
even one attempting
to tear itself apart.

watching the celtic tiger
give back hard fought
freedom for generational
debt-slavery is more
heartbreaking destruction
of an ideal. pity
the tiger,
trapped & flayed
& sent down the river.
bankers take ownership
of what was once
worthy of so many
martyrs blood.

Cowen looks
on while the ECB
repo’s national sovereignty
& IMF austerity
absconds with future
taxes for use
as down-payment
on the misery already
taking root.

CDS spreads still
blow out;
jingle mail might have
preserved the
republic itself; austerity
is only tolerable if
the tubers are shared.
there’s no need
for the coming row; so
utterly avoidable yet
somehow maddeningly
inevitable, once the
ink dries.


Dedicated to the people of Ireland. Sorry you got so screwed. Best of luck and if you see Thatcher hanging around looking to give advice, run the other way. Spain & Portugal, are you also planning on heading down that path? Ask the Greeks how that one turns out. Sad part is this is going to spread, and history has unkind things to say about monetizing debt…sigh, FED, sigh. (Deflation first, then inflation. Screw them on the way down AND the way up. This is not right, nor will it end well for anyone except _________. As always.)

so, does this mean MASH is back?.?.?.

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haven’t we been here before?

the armistice lasted
from july 1953
through most of
2010; not too bad
for a temporary

of course, it’s up
to general smart
and a wanna-be elvis
impersonator to
decide what happens

dig up alan alda,
& winchester
might be dead, but
burghoff is still
breathing. of
course, someone
needs to get shot
blown up
ripped in half

military hospitals don’t
work without patients.
i think it was colonel
potter who said that;
or maybe i just made
it up. either way.

is MASH really
coming back
to television? even
the fans are hoping
word a late-day
cancellation; another
war nobody needs.


So I’m told.

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