nobody speaking is boring…

“‘talkin’ to ya

it’s all under control;
you can’t assume anything
anymore. i’m drawing down a
cigarette on a ten degree
night, laughing, trying to
remember why & failing.

my hands are cold but i’m
smiling all the way down
to the end of the story.
this shit crosses ya up
at times; you’ll get
used to it.

talked to a friend a while
back ’bout my problems,
he told me i complained too
much. “let it go already man,
that ship sailed. stop
staring at the fucking

he was right by default.
we went back to work
wrecking temples; insufla-
tion duty awaited
to ward off the cold, even
lacking a steady hand
anywhere in the room.

now listen close,
i got it under
control; you know that.
i’m safe here & you
can’t pretend honesty like


Dedicated to the Ashtray Alarm Clock Club & the boys at the home office. The office party was a blast. Now, if we do it again we risk losing some employees and a possible lawsuit. Most everyone had a great time though, so don’t rule it out entirely.

5 Responses to “nobody speaking is boring…”

  1. the voice seduces one, and the lines breaks leave one hot and bothered. It’s like nothing else and everything else at the same time. And that last phrase — it’s like the echo when the container crane breaks.

    • First off, thanks much for the compliments. Always appreciated. Second, that is a great image (echo when the container…) you bring up. Consider me impressed. Thanks for reading/commenting. I always love the feedback. Take it easy,


  2. I like your bluntness and unapologetic manner in which you write!!!!!

  3. I so dislike the advice…grrrr…yeah yeah yeah! Friends want to help I guess, we move on as we are moving on, it is a process…grrr…cool piece, thanks for sharing

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